4 Star Mark in Halloween Wheel


Why is he there?

@JB.Scopely care to explain?


why are non ascendable Epics there?


More importantly why is there a 4 star there.


I don’t understand why they even need to put non ascendables on the wheel at all 5* ascendables and 6stars should be the only ones on them at all because the non ascendables are going to be worthless I mean look how slow they are to release a new 5* legacy ascendable I mean unless u plan on playing for the next ten years the way they release new legacy’s they are completely useless I mean come on now scopley


4* mark what is this 2 years a go haha


He’s the booby prize.


No odds on him so is the really odds 100% I guess we will all found out


Don’t get me wrong: 4* are my life, but it does seem kinda unbalacent, Plus I have 3 of him still lying around in my Roster. I don’t mind the non-Ascendable Sawyers, Roadie, Axel or Yellow Carson for my collection and Green Dwight for the Museum.


Ummm… Wut?


Incase you did not want 5*s


What a lame event. Let’s all pay scopely for 5* non-ascendables. What a joke.


I think JB gave us a hint with “something spoopy”, which I suppose was a typo. :poop:


Scopley, your QA team need to reset the “days since we fucked up” sign to zero.


Does it ever even move off of 0 nowadays?


I think it gets up to 2 by the time they come in on Monday

But only because they don’t work weekends


It sounds to me it never changes from 0


New 5* (usable back 1.5 year)


shit, i know what im getting then


When did it ever get to 1 Day?


I was trying to imply it got to 2 days on Saturday and Sunday because they weren’t working…