4 star levels completable with T1 lvl1and mods

Didn’t think it would be possible but it is. Used all my basic tokens collected from this last war for a selection. Modded them out with spare mods I had lying around, only upgraded 3 bottom right mods but didn’t need to as def down didn’t pop against me anyway (impair resist would be the best bet if you have any spare as there are a few neutralizers knocking about but I targeted these 1st anyway). Top left and right were spare level 15 mods. Used def or hp sets as they are pretty important for this. Def against weakness top right. Damage dealers got att top left.
Used best weapons available (with huge ap on att). With a medium ap lead and huge ap on attack, you’ll AR T4 with the toons with 100ar. Would have preferred a 2nd Zach but 1 did the job. Andrea drops a lot from basic tokens and is a pretty good 4star. Carson used to be my 4star lead back in the day.
Last map needed a different team due to a blue shield and red command behind him (also a reviver so don’t get caught with your pants down like I did 1st go). They are all ranged last map, hence me leading with Tye.


Jesus carry works.

Aye needed Jesus and Tye to take down the blue shield. Jesus dropped soon after but needed to focus on his attack so he was tissue paper to their attacks, but he did his job.

Also worth noting to anyone reading that I can now use these toons for level up if I needed the mods back quickly to gain them back for free.

Prob best to save these since we will have 4* and maybe 3*, 2* or 1* “events”

Can always just pull from basic tokens again tbf. But yeah saving 5 4 stars wouldn’t hurt the roster space

You were right. Level 1 4*s with some defense mods works pretty good


You did better than me, good going on not even losing 1 toon!

So, what you’re saying is that all the outrage about having to spend precious resources on 4* toons was unfounded and perhaps even a bit melodramatic?


Not everybody has spare mods lying about and not everybody saves their basic token and 4 star pulls.
I highly doubt Scopely’s intention was for it to be able to be completed by T1 lvl1 4stars. They just aren’t great designers.
I still agree with those who said that 4 star roadmap was a terrible idea. I just wanted to help anybody who didn’t think it would be possible.

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Lol dang that was a fatality

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Yea @CLIFTON87 what the hell?! We should be flipping out! Think of all the rEsOuRcEs!!!

Haha it’s not as bad as many first thought it would be definitely, still a terrible idea though.

I want 3*, 2* and 1* roadmaps and arenas now!

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You know what, thinking about it, if they do a 4 star thing again and encourage people to keep them in their rosters - I would legitimately be open to a 3 star roadmap (as long as it’s able to be completed by T1 lvl1).
Went against your advice and used them all to level up (aside from Carson and Zach) as I needed to get the mods back free for territories.

Yea i had to use mods for territories and now have to wait till a free mod removal, the cost to remove mods needs to be removed.

I had a shield that is t3, gave her a stun gun and mods and it was easy, last stage was still a bit hard.

I also agree with you, no way scopely intended this roadmap to be beat by t1 4* and im sure if we get another one of these they will make sure that doesnt happen again.

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Reduced maybe but not removed, or you could just adjust them in Wars to fit the scenario if you aren’t to bothered about speed (eg in night shift). Free mod removal during territory events should definitely be a thing though since you have the potential to go through so many toons.

That last stage surprised me as it really amped up in difficulty, it’s essential that that shield is taken down or at least reduced to very low health by the end of T1 before he gets the 50% def boost. Didn’t have a stun gun shield so Zach’s neutralize was pretty important through the whole thing for me.

I also have that butler with confounding and kept that shield John confused. The last stage jumped in difficulty a little much imo. If it wasnt so expensive i would like to get that shield from FA depot

Aye a control toon or hard hitting yellows are the way to complete that last roadmap. Confounding is a good shout

This one worked the best with me.