4 Star Characters - What You Do With

I have medals from faction assault farming tier 1 2 and 3 so not an issue for me.

just sell. i dont mess with anything below epic.

I will work one 4* up then ascend trying to get Siddiq or gator or Joshua right now for some variety in my 6* roster. Yes I’m a vet that was here at the 6* launch. Have over 3 million silver ascendace medals.

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Screenshot_20180210-231218Screenshot_20180210-231214Screenshot_20180210-231209 About That :wink:

It will never happen, but since Dade is trying to bring itself back from the dead they should give any new players who joined after ascendance a gift of medals

Omg did you voted “idk what to do”

i like to think if DADE is fix, we will have a method to reviving old regions.

Ascend then when u can for fodder. Sadly ascension medal limited but every now and again I have enough excess to ascend one

Nope, there all for Ascendance. I keep a few 4 Stars, like Green Command Sandy or Benji.

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I keep one of every 4*maxed Level and AR.

I ascend Personas that I know I don’t Level a lot.

But I have to sell some for room too.

I’m proud of my 4* collection.

I was proud of my 4 stars, even kept a few, but with all the levelling I’ve ascended pretty much all the ones I kept for Survival Road.

I’ve got 4 star Jesus (first ever premier pull), Benji (because he’s cool), Dwight (because I haven’t managed to max him ye) and Darcy (awesome for SR). All others are T1 Lvl 1. Dwight and Darcy will probably eventually get maxed.

But I don’t know what to do with the others. I have more than enough silver medals to ascend a few, and it is definitely 5 star fodder which is limiting me making more 6 stars, so ascending them makes sense. I just can’t bring myself to waste the resources when I’m trying to hit 2m every other level up

I sell them all except for Sherry I left her in the second-tier so I could stare at her I wasn’t around during the millions of metals so I concentrate on fives and sixes

A new region just opened I believe you should get there fast or wait for another new one you can switch regions

I keep one of each for collection purposes. The rest i ascend or use as fodder to ascend.