4 Star Characters - What You Do With

Please state the amount of silver medals you own.

What do you guys do with your 4 star characters, and why?

    1. Sell
    1. Max then Sell
    1. Ascend
    1. Keep All (idk what to do)

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I ascend mine to get the 5 star ascendable.

Interesting do you two still have enought silver medals after for ascending 5*?

Im not a vet so i don’t crazy amount of silver medals.

But it takes 50k for one 4* and 250k for one 5*, this can’t be done on a regular even buying them from the depot daily, unless you had a surplus.

Are you a vet?

Been trying for gator. Otherwise more fodder. But lvling 4* is a pain in the ass :-1:

An old player. Veteran.

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It depends. I got the strong Luke a few days ago so it allowed me to ascend my +16 crit 3* Michonne. Which of course led me to another Wendy. There’s also needing a variety of characters so I can use them for scav missions while having other needed characters for SR. Roster space has never been an issue for me.

Yes but what about the players that started after the 6 star launch event? They have very little in terms of medals. Up until very recently its been super dry. The depot is crap. Takes 2 months to get enough to do 1 6 star ascendance.

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I ascend the ones I don’t need. Some are still useful. Kelly (36 crit) and blue Jesus for guardian on zombie misions.

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I keep the good ones for SR and territories and ascend the rest. 4* Molly is a good crit leader for walkers

I have 10 I keep, 2 teams, which I use for scavenger camps, survival road and backups for territories. I would keep 1 new green, max them, then ascend them hoping for Glenn, Rosa or 6-star fodder. I got Glenn and since Gator’s release, I’ve been doing the same with blues hoping for Siddiq.

I’ve been short on ascendable toons. And between Maggie as a daily reward, Governor’s supposed upcoming release as ascendable and a chance at Siddiq, I will be short on legendary medals. I however have not been short on fodder.

Can’t fully agree. We’ve had roadmap events with silver medals as reward. I think there’s also been some for gold medals. I definitely know gold medals was a reward for previous tourney. I jumped back in this game almost 3 months ago and I have ascended 3 ultra rares and a shitton of rares guaranteed valued over 200k. Keep in mind that I haven’t been buying medals crates for a few weeks in favor of getting Zeke and some MTKs I’ve just been letting them build up. I currently have 360k+ silver and 395 gold and I’m getting back into buying crates.

I got almost 2 mil and 2k from the launch event. There has been nothing even remotely close to this. It costs 50k to ascend a 4 star. Most of these roadmaps you mentioned offered like 30k. This doesn’t even cover the 4 stars let alone a 5 star. If you started after the 6 star launch you are at a SEVERE disadvantage. You cannot possibly argue this point. I have lost track of how many 4 stars I have ascended. I have six 6 stars and I have enough to do 5 more right now. No one in my faction who started after the launch event is even close to this.

And do the math it takes 60 days when you buy the crate from the depot to get enough gold medals to ascend 1 six star. This is fact.

Din a newer region its hard getting your hands on ascendable tokens so I use for level up if needed then sell if I had millions like older regions I would ascend for fodders

I keep them, because I collect all my 3 star+ characters. It’s fun to create comic teams with them.

Im my opinion these medals you have would be best to save for ascending 6* at your point ascending 4* is not a luxury .

Thank you for your honesty and understanding of others not been in the same boat has you.

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When it comes to all players in a region having around the same amount of opportunities is understandable. The main problem I have been dealing with is the fact that I’m part of the new generation in the DADE region, an old region that was open to new players (we, new players, were not aware so we did not know what we were getting into) so we now have a tale of two cities where the 1st generation is far far ahead of the 2nd generation.

@kalishane could something be done in the case of DADE, please consider.

I keep a bunch for territory teams and scavenger missions, ascend a few, and sell a bunch. They’re absolutely worth selling to pick up the trainers that come along.

Trait trainers for 5*s that I want for SR and for levelup objectives. Benedict for fodder.