4* or 5* only wars!


To make things a bit different and a bit more fun, scopley should change things up with wars sometimes, like make a war to where 4* toons could only be used or 5* toons could only be used, I think that would be fun


I think this would be fun :rofl::rofl:


4* would be rough. I only have a couple oeft, used the rest in ascension.


Sure as long as we have a 30 day heads up for anything below 5s.


Make it happen @kalishane


Just to mix it up more - maybe trait and persona wars as well.


I still have my original 4* team, can’t part with them, not to mention the sea of 4*s in my roster at the moment (they haven’t been leveled). Guess I’m a hoarder, lol :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


You can run your 4 and 5* teams, I’ll stick with 6* :scream:

Seriously, it could be fun, but would bring back the Priya nightmare… and could be somewhat “unfair” given who people used as fodder.


I have 0 leveled 4 stars so I’ll pass on that. 5 stars is fine by me but i have a ton to choose from others may have used theirs as fodder for 6 stars so it could be brutal for some.


Maybe dog tag limits? That would give people some choice on what rarity to use, and give some use to that mechanic (which has no effect anymore after a few weeks in game except for scavenging).

Only problem is that 6* have low dog tag requirements, so maybe it has to be “no 6* and dog tag maximum of y”, where you could vary the y from “all 5* is ok” to “if you want 5*, be prepared to also run 1* toons”.


Or a survival war. Once a toon is downed, it won’t recover for the duration without drug packs - it’d probably need to be a blitz, but it would change things up a bit and would favour roster depth rather than a few hitter toons.

If you have HP carrying over between battles, it would also allow factions’ lower ranked members to contribute by whittling down an enemy 5 or 6* for their faction’s hitters rather than just a few consolation points.


That’s a cool idea.


Love this idea it’s time for 4 and 5* to shine again. Now if only they can make a 5* Farah


A 1-4 war would be really interesting. There’s a lot of unique team combos to be had.


Boring hahaha


Free for all survival war could be cool


Fix what we have first though no more new features until everything else is addressed.


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