4* Maggie (the king of 4* and unique)

Free gift which would dominate 4* meta if there was one she is the best 4* dropper and her rush is actually awesome she unique also i guess
I think we get a free 4* each week which corresponds to each colony
Last week was lori wife of Rick (alexansria)
This week is Maggie (hilltop)
See what i mean


I was actually going to post the same exact thing.

She’s perfect for new accounts. A dropper that boosts defense and has an outstanding heal and cleanse rush? That solves all the newb problems at once. Human stages should be cake now.

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One Week in Tuscaloosa and my team shines. Free Maggie, Free Lori,
Sam Fairbanks, Clementine (Yellow 4*) and… 5* Andrea RTS #1 :slight_smile:

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She wasn’t given to my other regions. Not that pay any attention to them these days. Just get the login bonuses they need.

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I don’t think Lori fits into Alexandria. She never made it there :thinking:


I know but wife of Rick don’t know why they could have done a Rick

So, now please give out a Allen. If you want make a new one it’s okay, just
an Allen.


Kingdom and Saviors are the ones that left if the community theory is right. If so, I predict yet another 4* negan(most likely the old one) and another 4* Zeke. Would like to see Connor, Jesus, Kitten Shiva or something like that.


They should be gifting the soon to be ascendable Connor, I know I’m dreaming but that’s what I would do as a company

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Gimme gimme gimme


I want a kitten Shiva…


4⭐ RTS #2 Lori for Alexandria (guess that would be her AOW variant). 4⭐AOW Maggie for Hilltop. Saviors could be AOW Connor or Mark. Not sure about the Kingdom. MTW Richard perhaps?

4 star connor where ya at!?? ;D

Who will be for the Saviors/Kindgom if we keep getting these free 4*?

Love this unique maggie. Harkens back to the time when collectible unique 4 stars was the norm of the game. Love it when new obtainable collectible canon characters like this are released.


For the saviors, it will most likely be either a new fast 4 star mark, or a new tough 4 star Connor.

For the kingdom, there’s no telling what it’ll be. It could be something entirely new, like a 4 star shiva (though there have not been any kingdom character 4 star leaks), or it could be a rare but not unheard of toon, such as 4 star shiva force Ezekiel.

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There is a 4* connor that they could use which has lighting reflexes this connor would be cool to test with a impair on atk gun to see what would happen

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I can’t believe what I’m reading. What are you guys, noobs? There’s no use for 5s in most places. What’s up with strategic talk about a 4? Lmfao. It’s making me a bit nostalgic when I use to slay 3 5blue Andreas with my 4 Jesus, but those days are far gone. Im probably just jealous of new players because we never had it this easy back in my day.

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Maybe the unreleased 4* Connor and I don’t know someone from the Kingdom

I don’t think any end game players are considering using 4 stars for pvp. It’s just fun to mess around with them in PVE. It is a game, after all. What’s the point if you don’t sandbox with your new toys now and then?

Also, the only reason it’s this easy is because the player base would flip their shit if the free toons were 3 stars. There’s already outcry when they’re 4 stars (see your own comment), so how could New players NOT have it easy? It wouldn’t be fair to give different toons to different players, so it’s either weak toons for top players that are great for low level players, or great toons for top players that way too great for low level players. 4 stars are right in the middle, whereas 3 stars are too low for the top and 5 stars are too high for the bottom.