4* drop rates (stages)


With the recent additions to the 4 star character drops from stages, I’m curious about the drop rates of these characters. So what is it .5% or some5hing like that?

I’m curious of this as some of the characters caught my eye I want them as a collector. This information could also be useful to newer players who are struggling to obtain 4* characters.


Well, I burnt 10 Refills at 18-3 with Gator Lead for Allen and didn’t even get a single 3*. So, I guess 0,2


4* dropping on world maps are a little less as rare as getting a 5* from training grounds. Good luck allen super fan, hope you get him soon…


I know. This is why it’s shit. Now, I will never be able to complete my Wishlist :pensive:


I just want that Eugene


He’s would be my Second Place.


4* dropping in world stages isn’t new. Always been that way, but the fact I’ve dropped one 4* in two years tells you how rare they are.


Lol, I got Allen from Stage 13 on the map, didn’t even mean to. He’s just sitting in a dark corner of my roster, used to use him for SR but now that I have a ton of Strong 5*s he’s all but obsolete.


Don’t worry. I’m at 4 Allens at the Moment :wink:


I did it again! That was 6 months ago, super sorry about that… what are you doing with those Allens, lol?


No need to sorry :grin:. Use One and collect the rest


i get alot of em usually 8 in a month