4 Comics First Tier

12 for the next & so on…My question is will we be able to accumulate enough comics during the free week period to max out Andrea?

Thank you for your kind replies

No. Roadmap is on a timer.


You won’t even t2 her I don’t think as it says weekly map but I could be wrong

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The survivors radio is available in 6 days after 1st use. Not sure if we have to pay for another radio after the 1st free one.

Maybe someone should put forward a suggestion to the lovely people at Scopely to increase the comic drops in the blue radio road map area to double figures?

Just a suggestion, for the suggestion box!

Scopely made it clear they don’t listen to suggestions that benefit the players.


Doubtful, sorry bud she will just be another fodder

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The one for the incinerator or the one for Atlantis?

…Deactivating subscription



30 comics to ascend her… give or take 5 weeks. (4 if your lucky) just to ascend her. I’m sure there will be more for six star. So your looking at a minimum of $75 dollars but prob more towards 4 months and $100 to fully level her.

If this isn’t a monthly toon and ability to level that toon this is an unsubscribe.

They want you invested for extended period.

Do you want to feel tied for extended periods? Do you want another excuse to remain just because your close to having a toon.

Spenders have paid more than $100 with a 40 pull just to get a shield, so even if it takes 4 months minimum, it’ll break even compared to what they’d normally spend.

yea I don’t think there’s any way she’s going to only cost $25 dollars. I was already pissed at my four star pull and will be pissed in another 22 minutes at my second four star pull so I actually think the daily pull is a NEGATIVE factor in this subscription. Not sure why they think players would be happy with a stream of single star four pulls until you magically get a five star after forty.

I agree… however we live in a world of instant gratification. Who the hell wants to wait four months to be able to use a toon. By then the meta might have changed or a completely new feature might be out by then. Four months seems like such a ridiculous amount of time to wait.

The reason to have this paid content source isn’t for the high level sp.ending but the mid level spender.

This appears to be an absolute waste to me.

It can go in the easier to leave behind pile. That’s one less string tying me to the game.

And the ability to use words like sp.endimg

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Isnt it silly that as a business they give us no information on… well, anything. Lol.

And we are all still here making assumptions based on hope. Wonder how often they laugh at us? :speak_no_evil:

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Minimum to break even in terms of cost is 4 months, Maybe 2 months to get her maxed out? She’s still useable at T1/2/3/4 6*s along the way, so it isn’t like she has to be completely maxed out to be used.

There’s no way I would use her at t1 and t2. Maybe t3. Regardless it’s a poor design to make players pay for something they can’t use for months on end. There is nothing else that I want from this club. The pull is more frustration than anything. Would be better if they just offered a toon for $100 every four months lol

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So if i wait and give my $25 usd each month maybe in 4-5 i will get a 6* t2 maybe …or just t1

But im sure they will have a second roadmap without timer with a purple radio in the store for another $25 usd each or maybe they will sell those blue bags with comics for lets say another $25 usd… in the end will be $300 usd

While with those $25 you can pay:

  • netflix $11
  • crunchy roll ( for your kids) $7
  • spotify $9

Those $25 is a rip off people