4* and Higher?! / Thanks Scopely


Is the event still happening where you get 4* or higher characters out of pulls?
Want to know that for my first 10pull ever!

I want to thank all of the people’s at Scopely for the cool events/updates etc. Very good improvements in my opinion.
Keep the good work!


A End wasn’t announced yet, but it’s defenitly running so long the 4* Eugene is at the End. Before the Event began there was Always 3* Lee.


Pull or don’t pull? I have only 1 10pull…


I would Pull and hope for one of the Exclusiv 4* Valerie, Estella or Sarah, Good Luck


I did two single pulls. Got 4* Estella and 5* Santa Negan.


I got Revive Rosita and Sarah.


Dress Code!



Spoiler alert, don’t pull


wait to see what the next premier recruit is and then decide.
Not an healer fan, so my personal advice is to skip to tomorrow


If you are gonna pull, dont pull for these awful toons, wait for Erika.


Yes thanks!


If it was just yvette I’d pull but they primed with Jessie so don’t
Srsly yvette can be a bitch of a healer


Same! Estella first then Negan!


Same, made some pulls and got Estella then another 4*