3x speed will ruin wars?


So ive been hearing a bunch of mix things here. What does everyone think? I personally dont want it in war. Faster matches + burning cans = more money for SCOPLEY.


I dont want it in tower taking. thats just asking for people to stop trying on opening tower grabs. First one in and on 3x essentially wins with a half decent all ranged team. Hell, rocket abe tower taker might make a comeback with it.


Silence means it is already implemented and it won’t be changed.


I think it’s a good thing. Realistically the factions that win towers no matter what are generally the ones who could win without them. This at least gives lower factions a chance.

In moderately even faction battles, this means more strategy needs to be implemented to come up with the win whether it be in the form of repairing, taking towers in the middle of the fight, dog piling, etc.


Auto raiding a war will actually take longer since the AÍ is so unbeliavably stupid IMO. Towers is the only real issue.


Maybe I’m just oblivious to why it’s bad, but I don’t see a problem. It’s not like some people have 3x speed and others don’t. Everyone has it, you know other people will use it in war, so use it in war yourself. You’ll all be fighting the at the same speed and the only difference will remain to be your roster and your bank account.


Yes sir we are prob going to be dead in 2-3minutes tops vs some ppl


The problem is that only people who are strong enough to use auto in a war battle will benefit from this change, and those people are powerful enough already.


I dunno I guess I’m only looking at it one-sided. If a defense can be auto defeated it probably would have been defeated normally anyway. What difference does it make that that happened faster? If a whole camp can be autoed at 3x that faction probably would have lost anyway, etc. Heck if I was on the losing faction, which I probably would be, I’d want the defeat to go by faster so we could move on.

I’ll see this weekend I guess.


The difference is that the weaker team has even less time to try to score some points. If you’re in a lower faction and it takes you an hour to queue and then 20 minutes to search and you only get one hit in, that makes it even tougher to hit milestones. We’re bleeding players fast enough, no reason to make more quit.


faster raid speeds was 100% needed to compete with all the cheaters using GG. There is no other option than to return to a NERFd speed for clean, non-cheaters.

It will be interesting to see a war with a 6 MINUTE PREP time for 6v6 and then the actual war itself consists of 1.5 minutes of actual gameplay.

I’m already auto-attacking on 3X speed every raid and territory .


Tower taking huuuge no. @CombatDevIl @CombatMan can we get some clarity on this?


Okay. I see what I was missing. If you get destroyed faster than you can score too frequently it would be a frustrating war.

I’d like to think it would it even out eventually. One could hopefully get more wars in overall due to speed and have enough good matchups to make up the lost points.


It won’t even out because top factions take 2 minutes to queue for war and lower factions take an hour. See how the lower factions get impacted more?


I don’t know about that. 1 hour sure isn’t my experience. Nor have I ever heard about matchups being significantly quicker for one group of factions over another (in my region everyone usually experiences slower matchmaking equally). But if that’s the case for the average region I see the issue.


And what happens next is because it’s 6v6, top active players get frustrated that they can’t get into the Q and quit the game.

Even those of us still trying to hang on, that 6 min prep time for a 6v6 war that took 15 minutes to match is insufferable.


So far, speed up is in all combat modes, and only in Faction Assault stages, the speed you are playing reflects in the time countdown.


I take it this applies to tower taking in wars, and the war itself?


Queue times = how long it takes your faction to get 6 or 8 people so you can hit the search button.
Search times = how long it takes to match after you hit the search button.

For some factions, even an hour to fill a queue is amazingly fast. These are the factions already at a disadvantage. They’re going to spend an hour getting 8 people to sign up, 20 minutes of searching, and then be destroyed even quicker now.


Yes, it will get marginally worse for them. But not the same level of improvement for the active factions since the faster the opponent gets destroyed… .it hurts the Value Added / Waste ratio.

There is value added for the player in this game via the actual combat/gameplay. With actual gameplay going faster, but THE WAITING not being any faster, that’s a net reduction in value for the player. (again and again we see this)

I am 100% behind Quality of Life improvements like 3x farm speed (we’ve been asking for that for years) but it will make CRW even slower for dying regions

The waiting is the hardest part