3x auto run in war


So with this fast auto run, will this also work in war with the towers?


I hope so


I hope not would suck going against top faction and dying in a minute.


Faster towers = more warssssssss


So the 1 min it takes to get a tower dictates your entire war??


I hope not. Makes it unchallenging and too easy for just anyone to grab tower


The faster the towers are done with the faster war will finish. Kind of obvious


I would prefer not t have it in raids, towers or wars generally.
Constructing a PvP win is the main achievement left in the game and was one of the few worthwhile official drivers of 6* (longer battles).

It’s super awesome for farming and SR


I love doing the SR and roadmaps in 2 minutes instead of 20! All the screen animations being skippable speeds things up a lot too


I agree. Those animations should be skippable by unchecking the option.


I also think 3x speed should be kept away from war. The smaller factions will be steamrolled in less than 5 minutes.


Lol smaller factions are already steamrolled in less than 5 minutes


this is great to force people to fight faster in wars but also people will need to burn war cans too.
Super smart way to make people spend again since no one isnt buying promos.

We need to buy FOOD and now more war cans. GG scopley GG


I consider it a great bait for all whailings 'round 'ere and I hope revenue is gonna double with this high quality plankton. It won’t help with player base tho, but who cares, this game lives on 0.01% of player base.


THIs would be bad in war. Too fast for this event, especially 3x. The sheer speed by the top factions would eventually drive away lower factions and players. Getting destroyed rapidly is bad enough, getting destroyed in an instant is not discouraging.
Imagine this you go through the tower to come back, only to discover your dead before you can even start. How’s it going be? When you can’t fight there anymore. How’s it going to be.


Agree with others, I really do not want this feature for war


If your team can die from an auto attack, maybe there are bigger issues than the 3X speed.


Indeed there are, but one issue per day fixed, without adding new ones, would be nice.


I don’t mean an issue from Scopely. To be blunt, if your team can die from an auto attack, then your defense is not good and needs some work.


Well I’m in same situation as most of the players, I have 1 (one) team of 6s, so this isn’t benefiting anyone except super whales. My main defense won’t die from auto NOW, but you are missing towers (def will die), tower catching vs zombies (again minority has bazooka abe) and full t4 6 teams (this is missing 99.9% of players currently) + meta with constant faster toons that will be hitting soon. So this is definitely option for exploiting - to minority.