3rd anniversary wheel pulls ZEKE(S)


I just pulled my 4TH 5 STAR Zeke from that wheel. Not even a 6 star version. 4 ZEKES!


That really sucks :slightly_frowning_face:


This anniversary event is a complete failure, with non stop dupes and the offergate.


rest in pepperonis


Just think about the positives… OP territory teams for daayyyzzzzzz


Not exactly. The Guardian skill can only prock once per turn regardless if it’s Guardian II or Guardian I. Try it yourself with either 1 G2 and 1 G1 on your team or 2 G1 toons. Get them both to crit on the same round.

So unfortunately his 4 Zekes aren’t even great for territory teams. Lmaooo.


Hehe yep, I know that :slight_smile: I was suggesting making three teams for territories and including zeke in each :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I just pulled my 3rd red gov 5 star. 5 pulls and 3 have been him. Absolutely ridiculous


3 zekes

3 red gov.

I feel your pain brother.


I would have broke my phone. Sorry for your luck


4 pulls. Zero toons I had, zero wheel dupes. 3 6s versions.


I got 5* andrea, 6* richard, and 5* anna from mine. Only bummed about anna because i put up like 6 mil in a lvl up for her


4 pulls
Red Jesus 5* x 3
Garret 5*


Lol red jusus is better than zake…I pulled 2 red jesuses and zake


Honestly I would be happy about a Red Gov. I got Yellow Romanov in my Second Pull, who I got in a 10-Pull a week ago. Game got me again :expressionless:


I hand you one of mine. Can‘t stand that guy anymore.


I would love him. His Design is really Increditable and he’s a better version of Richard in my opnion


Still don’t have that Gov. Would be nice to get him.


Heyyy. . That’s as amazing as my pulls


Sorry… I’ve pulled them all out :joy: no gov for you