3d map?,,? Anyone know?


was wondering what in this game is 3d and if it’s there where is it? With the new update saying it is is like to see it.


The map on Territories is in 3D. At least the buildings are… If you pan and zoom you’ll see the effect.


Maybe drunk or high af but nothing in this game looks 3d.


Gotta go find your old stereoscopic (red/blue ones) glasses that came in cereal boxes back in the 90s. Got mine on, shit looks amazing.


Is this update notes or part of the game’s description on the app store? It sounds more like the latter.


I was kinda hoping someone from the developer’s would chime in.


Zoom in on it


Isometric map is not 3D map (or baldur’s gate would be 3D game), somebody was smoking crack during typing that list for patch.


Not on android. But here’s what I see on IOS.

That is th text for the recent update.

This text found below the reviews decribes the game. Within it is what was posted in the OP. Probably just pasted superfluously into the new update notes on Android. Or if you didn’t take the screenshot yourself the source mislead you.


Yes that is the same on Android.

To say is 3d is straight up false as to why I asked the original question. Really thought I was missing part of the game.


Lol. I must be on whatever whoever wrote that was on. When I read this I thought you were asking if something new had been added with the update. But you knew it refers to territories and want a response. Now I’m hearing it loud and clear. It’s like the wording found around that sometimes refers to temporary in-game shop offers as “events”. lol.


yep. Anyone who has any knowledge of actual dimensions will tell you that is not 3D. Nothing in RTS is 3D


Unless we’re loosely considering “motion” a dimension…

I’m kidding. No 3D in its true sense.


Yea, one could truly debate at length what is truly 3D. BUT as Techmando stated in reference to the old rpg Baldurs Gate, that wasn’t 3D. So if that wasn’t 3D, than surely this game isn’t.

Without getting to technical, as I am not a gigantic wiz on dimensions and stuff, unless the buildings are “polygon” I don’t consider it 3d at all. At least for a video game. If you want to call it 3d fine, but it doesn’t look at all 3d to me.


Again. Go to territories (not road map, not world map). Pan and zoom to the buildings. They are 3D.

Wow, such amazing thing!

I think it should be listed the first of all the things this game has to offer!


I’ve tried it as well as others a with our eyes can see it’s not 3D.