3756 days are you serious?

it will take me 3756 days to max prestige… wow…

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You can do the math yourself to see if the prestige calculator is being serious.

FYI, the prestige calculator isn’t a living thing and doesn’t have emotions, so it’s not so much about the calculator being serious or not, but rather factually correct or wrong.

lol ye i know, but still it will be at most 2/3+ - days off. not by 3000 days.

Marking April 28th 2028 in my calendar. I’m expecting a hell of a rage. You better start planning now.

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hahahaha lol literally did the same thing. will be funny if it comes to 2028 and my phone buzzes and im just sitting there confused lol but on a real i hope the game is still around

Rank 13. 3680 days -13th of February, 2028. Well know, I’m closer, will post here when I get it lol.

Would be nice to incorporate prestige points Maybe in milestone rewards or event rewards would help a little I guess