36 RTS Token Pulls Video

This are most of my RTS Token Pulls. I didn’t recorded the Single ones, which also gave me 5* Audrey, 5* Yellow Ascendable Morgan and 5* Ascendable Connie. Anyway, enjoy


Got that ascendable from a single pull on a smaller account.

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aww man I wanted to see the remove a stump video :wink:

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Lucky, because for my part, and after 50 draws rts, I had only 4 *. This confirms to me that my account is black-lister by scopely.

I pulled 2 white Shiva in 15 pulls

Well let’s say TWD RTS isen’t the stuff I usually do on my Channel.

But Thanks for the Nice Words. I really put Slot efford into this. Just the Intro took multiple hours. From your Statement I assume you can’t wait for more. :smirk:

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