35k league tokens, Should I go for Mira and her weapon?


She’s good, but we are short a huge ap lead to fully realize her potential.

If you need a bit more green offense power she will work wonders.


Mira lead is great for helping balance your melee attack teams. The weapon for stronger trait is ok if you want to be critting every attack but if used under like a green abe atk/crit lead the stronger trait will combine with the added effect of the regular crit for x4 regular dmg to any color people if it activates


it should be good, havent tested it yet as im waiting for a good solo level up reward to max them but im sure 40% attack, 30+% attach on weapon and berserk will work nicely and hp will provide some safety net


You will see often +150% ATT for sure :smiley:


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