35k league tokens, Should I go for Mira and her weapon?


Hello there !

So, I have enough tokens to pull in the league Mira and her weapon, is this worth it ?

I already got Zeke, and had Kate on previous pulls, I would just “need” Priya and Konrad for collection but it is more of a plan B.


Buy zake and save points for another season mayby


Already got Zeke, and you cannot buy a 2nd one.


Mirabelle or Ezekiel will be a personal choice on what you need/want. Her weapon however, is an easy no from me. Stronger Attack may have gotten more useful with the introduction of multi-attack ARs, but it’s not as effective as Stun on Attacking.


I went Zeke, Mira and Priya, now on the save plan for season 2 and seeing what toons they offer us there.


Yeah, you’re right on that, if only Earl wouldn’t f’ me up with these green swords :smiley:


Leave the weapon alone. Should be easily craft able.


i would buy a double attack though, cant get one from earl no matter what. greedy sob and scumbag.


Get Mira, skip the weapons… and snag Konrad or priya (or both) they aren’t terrible… just really bad by comparison to 6*


Is Mirabelle a better lead than Abe for raids/wars, do you think?
I have Yellow Zeke, who benefits from Abe’s +crit ability, but I can probably make up for that with a better yellow crit weapon.

She has similar damage and more HP, plus the HP buff would work well with Koa.

they both get the +40% attack bonus.


Not impresed with her for now, if you have green abe and are low on tokens :man_shrugging:
With her as lead team is more tanky but abe works much better with guardians,disarms etc


I have about 20k tokens. I sit behind a Koa Shield with a Zeke Gaurdian (Tanky Attack). I have Abe for damage, Carl for heals and 5* Tyreese for Neut. I know I need to replace Tyreese and get a better Healer than Carl, but nothing else in my roster will work right now unless I go off colour and sacrifice the crit.

Koa usually lasts a while, but an extra 40% HP sounds really tempting, while keeping the attack. I’m wondering with the extra HP whether I’d be able to rotate Zeke or Carl out for Romonov (fully upgraded and gold attack mods) to make up for the lower Crit.

Thing is, If a melee neut toon comes up next season, I’d be kicking myself for spending the tokens now.


From what I’ve heard, Mirabelle is only used for her leader skill. Pass her up and wait for the next season for something better. Don’t get her weapon either. You could pick up 5* Kate if you don’t have her, she would be very helpful on attack even though she’s a 5*.


Use Search. People already asked about Mira.


I got mira for her lead skill so i can finally have some fun with anna and romanov without them dying too fast. Tried Abe and Rick lead but at least in my opinion they dont last long enough


Zeke > Mira > everything else
(although, I went for Priya > Zeke cos Priya was an ass)


Get gud first.


The difference with Abe is that you need to rely on to survive, I agree in that sense.

In the end, went with her, I’m sure I’ll find her some use.


Its awesome set up, right? :slight_smile:


Btw. When you decide to use Search … Kate and Konrad are still good options as well. Surprisingly good.