3200 S class crate removed is a massive mistake

Think thats the biggest mistake you’ll make…people were spending again because of the value added to their pulls and being able to get S class toons within a month not 6+ months.

If you’re only doing single crates. They either need dropper down to 250 velvet cakes per toon at 1100 per crate.

500 velvet cakes for 1500 or more per crate.

Or bring back the 3200 crate.

Just letting you know among spenders you had pulled back in some. Now you losing many of them again because no way I should have to have 4, 6* toons at 2000 red velvet cakes for 4400 of select S class character that only gets me the two 6* leaves me needing 5500 more that I’m short still after 2-3 weeks in a row if I have them ALL then to get the 5500 more is 3-4 more weeks if you have them all.
You guys outdate stuff so fast no reason for me to want a toon 2+ months later from original release.

Mistake. But that is okay, because it is just making people not spend on S class anymore who were.


I don’t know why folks spent for outdated toons anyhow. Sure if you needed a few cakes. But I believe the cakes I have will go stale before I get to exchange them anyhow. The way to get cakes through territories (which I hear won’t happen anymore) was for everyone. But yet most were unable to use them anyways since they were mostly premier toons. So who really cares spend your money on s class toons now.

Where was that info dropped at?



I agree.

I’m outraged at the removal of this.

Previously I was able to enjoy three collections worth of complaining that I don’t own any of the toons. But that has been NERFED and now there are only two collections I can complain about not being able to complete. That is a 33% reduction in what I can complain about when the collections roll around each week with another pair of toons I don’t own.


Poor whales :cry:


Y’all looking at it the wrong way. Which I understand…but if they cutting the whales access to it. That means they gonna strangle hold F2P access to it.

Goodluck going from 2 1/2-3 months to getting a toon to now 8-9 months.

They haven’t released a single F2P way to get the recent toons.


Gov is right here.

Im mostly FTP id spend a little here and there, mostly to complete tapjoy offers as i dont like giving scopley money for treating me like a mug.

Id rely on getting the 3200 collection, its how i got most of my s class. now itll take a lot lot longer


It’s frustrating to say the least.

Those 3200 collections were one of the few ways a large number of us stayed even slightly relevant at the top. I wouldn’t even say it helped us stay competitive… that required more work, if it were even possible at all. I for one won’t change my spending habits simply because they removed these collections. In fact, gov is right, it’ll reduce my sporadic spending for red velvet cakes.

Ultimately, all this has done is reduced competition of top factions. Unfortunate and boring.


How? 1100 collection is quite accessible F2P or low/mid spender. They’re not getting rid of that, are they?

I can completely understand that you’re disappointed you and other will get less free stuff, btw. (And I’m not being sarcastic). But a lot of people have been asking them to reduce the gap, and I’d assume these goals are incompatible.


U need to stop sucking at the scopley teet my friend.

Stopping these collections will further increase the gap between spenders and FTP

At the moment FTP would get lucky on the toons offered probably once a month so they would get 2 x 1100 and 1 x 3200 totally 5400. thats a long way towards the S class.

Yes the spenders and whales would of got way more as they would of probably had the toons for every collection.

Now come to the current day with no 3200 collection.

Spenders are still gonna get 1100 x 2 for every collection as they will more than likely have everytoon put up.

but little old FTP is still gonna be lucky to have the toons once a month, they now will only get the 1100 x 2. thats a big drop off and a nig increase in the amount of time itll take to gather 11k collectables


Let’s be real ftp were not getting doubles almost ever… plenty havent even gotten a single ffs.


thats why i say once a month. when priya went up i managed to use a lot of my cakes cos i got the collection for priya. then the other toon then both.

Then cashed in for S class priya and power leveled her and got the other collection

WTF no, the only F2P toons that have ever been in the stash were Priya and Laopo, maybe BAC but most people who got him wouldn’t have enough cake by then. And the amount of cake that you can get already barely makes up for the F2P toons. There’s no way any but the absolute tiniest of fraction of F2P even get two collections a month at 1000 cakes if you get 400 per month.


I’m far from ftp and have 2500 cakes ffs.

Looks like these are the problems of the billionaires boys club! :joy:
Close the gap „YES“ f2p even whales said that and the 3200 crate was definitely a part of that.
Put crates into the milestones that people really see a process for hard work.

Slowing folks down. What a piece of $h** of Scopely. Want slow us down so we can keep spending

stopping people getting S Class toons is scopleys answer to fixing the gear problem lol

Cant get S class dont need gear. no gear problem

Well if whales keep collecting at 5k a week you see an issue… their werent be anything to spend on.

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Just further increased another gap.

The super active, mainly ftp players in top factions will now suffer. While the whaliest of whales can reign supreme.

I empathize with fully ftp players, is it so difficult to extend that same courtesy?