32 days left on necklace museum collection


32 days left#

whilst it was great to get 4 gps/4 canteen at the start and an extra toon, i feel another month of this promo is just a wasteful exercise.

if the tier 4 gear was reset-restarted over then i can see a point of this but the way its going, most “dedicated-Dan” players will have finished the whole collection off with necklaces to spare and days left over.




I have all the GPS & canteens I need from this event, but I’m still going to use the remainder of the event to stock up on the rest of the gear. Whetstones, double holsters, magazines & hockey masks aren’t so easy to come by either so another 24 of each would come in handy.

Even the tier 3 gear like practice dummies & weapon tripods are worth having an excess of.

Plenty more available from this event imo. In fact I think it’s the best event they’ve put on in a over a year.


agreed but the time is too long, id rather have another chance at canteens


So because you had enough they can close it? That’s ridiculously selfish. Especially for the weaker players its good they keep it open longer. I know exactly what kind of player you are. You are average on your server, you hang on, but you don’t stand out. During this event you upgraded some 6* and got closer to the top players. You are afraid other will do too if the event keeps going so you would like it to end.

Then after 1 month you complain that there is no competition on the server and a lack of players. Because yes, new players, who dont feel like they have a chance of catching up, will quit a game. If a game doesnt feel fair, you see no point in playing it. With an event like this, scopely finally gives new players a bit of love to make them catch up a bit.

And to add to all of it: you are not obliged to play the event. Maybe it gives you some time to catch your breath and dont have to stand out in give events. Or are you going to say you do need the 5* tokens?


I haven’t even gotten enough for Lucas yet, and I haven’t done any other collections, ending them now would be really selfish…


On one thread you’re complaining that scopely might increase the error level up milestones and here you’re complaining that free stuff is too free.


I still have lots of gear to collect, even I found it’s not more canteens and gps.


Aproxis, you have come on to a few of my posts and completely added your own context into each one trying to make an argument out of a suggestion.

in no way have i said close this museum collection down, thats something you concocted through your own neglect of understanding the basic language.

Now to put a personal point across about the “type” of player i am, i’ve been playing this game since the first month or two of its introduction. I was in a low ranked casual faction for the first few months and even pushed them up higher than possible before i realised it was mainly me and one other doing all the work. Within less than a month i was in the number 1 faction and have been ever since. I have won many faction events and been highest scorer as well as solo events and managed to be in the realms of top 10 in id say 75% before the 6* where i would say top 10 in 95% of level ups bar the last one just now but still managing to score 2 million.

i wrote a lot of the pages that helped people with this game, found bugs and suggested things in this game that have come to fruition with no commendation from Scopely for said suggestions. So yeah, good guess on what kind of player i am.

My point once again …

with there being 30+ days left on this museum collection, that means there wont be another one or some other kind of promo to obtain a canteen or gps in the meantime … we may have CRW for this but its normally RNG chance that will add another GPS to my 7 GPS and 0 Canteen.

Again you read something like this thread as a selfish post about me me me but since when does an average player who has over 50% of the items in there and still some points left over to carry on asking for possible reset to gain more items FOR EVERYONE selfish?


I didnt say to end the collection, thats the above poster adding words to this


Have to disagree with you clem on this one, this event has been perfect for me, especially as i have half arsed most level up tournaments as i don’t have a YGL so will be great that i can still come out with the character and all the gear i need, but i still get the point that it may be to long for top players as they will complete the collection and be left with nothing.

I will also say those who are insulting you , and making judgement on you for this post are being petty and are bang out of order, and are just trying to bait you into an argument , and if you are the clem from marion region, which i think you are i can back you up here and say you have been one of the top players in that region for a long time


Then you’re really bad about how you put things. You called another month of this event a waste, which it is maybe to you, but not to 75% of the players. I also got what i wanted from museum, but i can still collect some of the lower tier items. On the other hand a lot of my faction mates have not gotten yet what they wanted to have. We are the 2nd best faction on our server, so i can only imagine how many are still to benefit from the event.

By saying i don’t understand basic language, you might not consider that english is not my native language, but i understood perfectly what you said. You just put it wrong. You put the emphasis on the dedicated players, who in the first place this event didnt seemed really designed for. That you clear it up and add that you dont want the event to be stopped is just because you didnt think about how selfish you sounded. If you wanted something better for everyone, you would have made that more clear in your initial post.

Once again, at first you just only thought about yourself, and after being corrected by a few players here, you realize it was an act of selfishness


I merely stated why do people go on the official forum to post something that clearly is an error expecting it not to be fixed. its borderline mental

that point was EVERYONE could finish 2,000 level up points no problem … thats not being selfish, just means for once i dont need to reach 2 million. ive put up around 10 million in the last 9 days or so with all the level ups


thanks man but im clem from the bleckley region rank 22 for many months. but yeah thanks

i just meant for a 60 day event it could have been structured better, just like s stash has 2 parts to it. once completed or goes over 30 days it gets refreshed , minus lucas of course, u shouldnt get 2

its just theres no way another event will pop up for another month with gps canteen is all im getting at with this


yeh i get the whole point , its the same rewards as wyatt but double the time maybe even triple, so realistically they should have adjusted the quantities for this, and it would have no affect on the lower players or the top as you can only have 5 maxed characters in a team.

Oh well ,clem from beckley im sure the point still stands and you are a top player :joy:


Would have been a good idea for the collections to refresh after 1 month, with the only exception being the Lucas one. 4 canteen and gps in 2 months is too little for the average player.


No, i disagree with that statement. in no way would my words fall to scopely and get things changed/removed or stopped. I merely pointed out this event will stranglehold any future event that could be brought up in the next 30 days … to the suggestion even stating maybe a refresh on the gear part so we ALL get another shot at more gear … yes that will fill my needs of having canteens to tier 4 my toons but then again also for EVERYONE else to do so.

the whole guess what kind of player i am from this thread wasnt subtle at all so you lost points with me there man


thanks Karl, this was my point, i t doesnt stop anuyone else not getting anything


Another point to put across is now the promo/offers etc seem to be all about necklaces about 5-6 weeks into the collection.

motivation? its needed


I went into this event with 1 T4 toon. I have gotten 5 more to T4 plus 3 others to T3. I need 5 more knife sheaths to get a 4th toon to T3 and then work on getting another to T4.

By far one of the best events we’ve been given.


Only reason i bet on why it was this long of a event because they knew how bent people will be with the mods feature, that also gives them time to make the final touches.


This is probably the most useless complaint I have heard on here. Scopely is giving its players much needed hesr to upgrade legendary toons over a 2month span and youre complaining? Stop attempting to make a deal out of nothing and take the hand out theyre giving. You are exactly why we cant continue to get these promos because of assinine complaints. @Clemo81