30day crate PLEASE consider revamping


Not that I’ve purchased the 30 pass for well over a year now… but it would be a step in the right direction if it didn’t contain complete junk!!! I really think the only valuable thing is Benedict and or aiden sadly… I’d only consider dropping 10$ If I wasn’t about to get crapped on.

Updating 30 Day Crate?

Why would they upgrade something most ppl still buy? : D I don’t but at least 90% in my factions do. I start buying it because it the cheapest way beside Video watching to collect coins, the toons were a great addition but never the reason. I think this is the reason most ppl still buy it. So I disbelief this will get upgraded soon.


I always get either a benedict or Aden anyway. Have bought it every month since it was released. Had 2 x 4* toons. No 5*. Best valued thing in the game imo


Cause and effect. 90% of people don’t buy it because the rewards aren’t worth waiting 30 days for. Yes, you get great value, but it’s not an instant pay off, so you wouldn’t buy it when you actually need coins.

Personally I bought it every month since it came out. I stopped around the time of some historic outrage (been so many, I forget which one tipped me to the point of feeling sick everytime I put money in their pocket)


Oh, and it has been upgraded. Look! Shiny and new purchase screen!

Glad they put the effort in where it matters


It’s 2,350 coins for a third of the price, that’s why I buy it, the free character is just a bonus, it’s about savings for most people.


Well of course you wouldn’t buy it if you need coins very fast but this is pretty much clear :wink: Many ppl need coins for events like war so they do save them and still have enough for something else. This needs time but is still cheaper than other offers. 2350/10€ vs. 2300/30€.

More ppl would buy it (again) if the toons were greater but many still do because of the great coins offer. It is hard to play in top factions just with video coins.


That’s true I didn’t even see it that way back when I was getting it, I was Basically waiting for the crate seemed like at the end of the month it would be nice to get something of rarity. I suppose just another example of many things that need to be polished up and revamped.


Those 4* and other lower “rewards” are like a kick in the yarbles