30 tiers Battlepass is NOT enough

I am quite happy with the Battlepass and will more than likely get the next one if there is another after this one.

The only problem is with the missions etc 30 tiers is too short. its finished already with 2 weeks still to go

i enjoy completing missions on weekly for all segments of this game but going into this week theres nothing more i can obtain.

please think about boosting the tiers a little more for the players who generally complete everything


I can understand why they set the limit at 30 (Late buyers / Limited time players can still complete it for example) but for those of us like OP I agree there should be something to keep them motivated . I’d suggest maybe extra choice box cards per extra 1k tokens achieved for example , not necessarily lots just something

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I’ve completed every single daily and weekly mission and I’m at tier 28 with 14520 points… how on earth have you completed it?


I believe you can buy 600 points daily at usd 4.99, that’s one way.

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It’s only weekly, but yes.

That’s what happens when you choose the premium route, you are able to accomplish the rewards much faster.
I doubt they will add more tiers to the missions with only a few weeks left.


pay another 30 bucks to reset the battlrpass!

one way i completed it was to buy the 800 extra weekly top ups (not all of them) but i had also not completed my daily missions when they first introduced battlepass in the bag daily reward, so my 1 account has completed all of them and the other needs 1 more bag tomorrow

What i mean is they reset the battlepass and start again afresh so you will have to spend the tokens either way but in terms of wanting players to buy the next one we will be 1 or 2 weeks without incentive.

id prefer it to be a larger bracket of tiers than completion

I feel this way about the war missions

No sure for many it is just right, the whole point of spending is to finish things earlier, it looks like most will finish on time so I don’t see the point of spending for this one🤗


but pretty much like stash missions they have 2 sections, once you complete the 1 the 2nd appears. Usually the 2nd one is there for spenders and if they want to continue spending to gain more or complete the 2nd part.

I feel like spending to finish something that can be finished at a later date is more damaging for the spending player especially when it comes back around.

ofcourse i would promote free events more over paid all day long but this isnt the company motto so i look at value for money spending on this game (not much) and the BP was at least worth it but ended too quick for me personally.

My kid asked me for the bp on this game called (2 weeks (pun intended)) and whilst its all skin rewards and 0 pay to win models on there at least it was a very high target to get to level 100 and even once you complete that the levelling carries on and apparently still gives rewards after that.

i think what im getting at is completing missions means more to me and i think again personally thats where im getting more of my enjoyment from the game as of late


i think more so the point of the battle pass is you buy it and then you dont really need to spend to complete it in the time it is up for, if you spend to finish it quicker then that is on you really.

If they added more tiers to it then they would need to extend the duration of it so that everyone can finish it FTP still, but then you would get more people moan that they now have 3 or 4 weeks with nothing to gain from it as they spent to finish it quicker

bit of a catch 22


Oh ok. didn’t buy that, relied on doing the missions religiously.

I’m 50 points shy of completing it also which I will once I log in for the day

Pay, just totaly wasted money bc you will complete it anyway :man_shrugging:t4:


I don’t agree that the battle pass tiers should be extended. The current system is fair as it allows ftp to complete all tiers.

However they could do a black market trade in for additional points or something, because people who actually paid for offers shouldn’t end up being penalised. This has been the case with some previous events though, if you pay to complete it sooner you can end up with extra items you can’t use.


Just easy do not pay for something you can get for free. And i’m a spender, no doubt. If you missed out a day or 2 okay. But ist totaly wasted to spend for things you can get for free by log in daily and finish tasks anyway. BP it’s made for 30 days avtive, or am i wrong?! Let’s stay fair vs the f2p Community out there. The players who spend already got enough advantage. If you thought to be in hurry and throw Cash out of the window then feel free and go on. Myself would spend that coins or cash on stuff with Weapons. Token, Blowtorches ect. It’s more valueable then go ahead in an Event then could be finish for free. That’s just the wrong sign for Scope to put up more pay Events and make the Game more f2p/spenders unbalanced at it is just at the moment!


I am going to complete tier 28 with 14400points from battle pass i didnt miss any mission or daily bag reward,

The battlepass mission started 34days ago
And end in the next 14days

I feel like the battle pass should refresh each 30 days not 48days

I dont understand… you bought tye point so you can finish it faster and you are saying it too short because you finished it faster … :man_shrugging:what did you expected :tipping_hand_man: