30 day pass updated?


Should be updated today right @kalishane ?

Still waiting to renew it here


I See only the old pass to renew


if will be updated with 9.1 i guess. since its on beta we can expect it to be live soon.


I don’t have the new one on beta


i am just assuming that it will come with 9.1 since there are screenshots around but dont get hopes high.


Oh there is an update? Cool what has changed?


its on beta only, not live yet.


9.1, on beta , no new pass


as i said its my assumption since they are updating the pass and 9.1 is the next major release ahead.


What are the changes to the pass i meant?


We don’t know yet lol


Wadup @Twisty no update here… I am hoping for something good… But I always have high hopes for good shiet lol :sheep::smiling_imp:


My guess is an upgrade on the price-tag.


HAve you guys seen the ss of red Carl being given away at the end of thirty days with the pass




Now I kinda regret buying the pass early on. You can’t get that red Carl anywhere else.


would not believe that what so ever


mean if they are updating why the fuck are they putting in a useless 5 that you can pull and not a new 5 thats not pullable like the 4 was before we got token updates


so all in all we could get useless 5 still 70 coins a day and 250 when buying eh i pass.


Considering it’s a red crit lead like Red Rick, he doesn’t seem that bad.