30 Day Pass Update

Hi @kalishane, I have a few questions about the 30 day pass being updated.

  • What will this include? Will it be a new crate, and if so who will be in it?
  • I am currently in the middle of a pass at the moment, will it get a revamp or will I have to wait to buy another one?
  • And my final question, will the price remain the same?

Thank You :slight_smile:


Bring back the 140 coins a day pass for 30 days.

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Bump :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, second this. What’s in the update?

My pass runs out in 3 days. Won’t be buying another until you give us the update on what the new one will include.

No one is going to be around to answer this during the weekend. Shane did say It goes live on Tuesday.

i will buy if its 100+ a day.

Don’t get too excited though, because the rates to get Aden or Benedict will still be increased.

um they are useful… or just want the box for few shitie 5s and 4s lol

Lol I know that, just saying.

Bump again lol

My 30 day expires in 2 days, i want to know that if i renew i dont get shafted with the old system , or alternativley the new 30 day is worse and costs more if i should go now

Stopped getting these after I received my third 4* yellow Jesus in a row. I realise it’s the most economical way to get coins, besides watching those videos, but the frustration of getting those useless rewards on the last day took the fun out of it.

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