30 day Pass Update Info


Its monday @kalishane, whats going to change with the 30 day pass?


Bump. I stopped getting the pass a few months back. I’m curious to see what changes are being made


They’ll probably remove michonne and add gator And call it a revamp


I should have some news today!

Everyone’s catching up from the weekend right now. :slight_smile:

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Walter’s yacht any fun? Was there free bumps of disappointment?


I actually played Life is Strange this weekend, saw Thor Ragnarok, and bought cat food.

How was your weekend?


i warred for a bruce this weekend lol


I also bought cat food for these two phahaha. Luna and Bella :heart:


I worked a 24 hour shift while warring for cans… Casually. :stuck_out_tongue:


What kind of food do you feed your cat(s)?


Yeah clearly had better things to do. Even play a different game. Maybe we should all do the same :joy::joy:


I got one 30 day pass… Do I get the updated version of the crate or the things that are in the crate now?


I fear what this might mean.


10 coins a day now :joy:


Lmao cm don’t even wanna war for those bad prizes :joy:


Spent too much time on a pretty meaningless CRW, visited my sister in law in a distant hospital, and cuddled my cats.


Update?? Its monday @kalishane


My 30 day pass lapsed sometime over the weekend. First time I’ve let it lapse since I started playing regularly. While I do miss the daily coins, I don’t really plan to renew at this point…or didn’t until I read this thread @kalishane

Hopefully you guys can “wow” me with the holiday event coming up, and I’m interested in hearing what sort of revamp you guys are rolling out for the monthly pass. It’s been hard to find a reason to spend money on this game lately…but that’s another discussion.


Still waiting…


Update… @kalishane