30 day pass help for carl


So I’ve been getting the runaround with support for over a month to get that free Carl that everyone else was given, I’ve subscribed to the monthly pass three months in a row. Now support is pretty much telling me I won’t be getting him. @kalishane @Andrea_Scopely @Agrajag please can any of you help me out on this?


“Contact support”



Don’t know how much more I can contact them ffs lol.


Just contact them again


I got the carl as a gift

Here is something i found


Funny thing is, I’m actually waiting to see what they do say back this time. @kalishane I hope you’ve seen that I’ve tried about everything with support. Can you at least pass this along to someone that can help?


I was part of that thread too, man alive this is coocoo for cocoa puffs.


Screenshot that thread post to tech support maybe?


I renewed my pass the day he came out, so that would’ve been month 2.


I got mine and I wasn’t subscribed.

At the time, it had been about 30 days since I’d bought the 30 day pack.


You fell into the 45-day window you may not have had it at the time you got him but within the last 45 days you had this subscription


Well if you look at like marbles in a bucket with only 1 unicorn one you should get him if you do 4 months, like 2 in 80,3 in 120 and so on.


I just flat out don’t get it, I’ve bought the 30 day pass 3 months in a row now. How support says I’m not eligible is beyond me. Really wish @kalishane or even @Shawn.Scopely could shed some light on this please.


This appears to be the case.

We stretched it out to 45, was originally 30 to cover more people.


It just doesn’t make sense, I’ve had the pass two days longer than my wife and she got Carl just fine.


My brain hurts after reading that. It’s like a robot being stuck in a logic loop.


The only one from support that didn’t sound like a robot was Jon, I’ve tried having them refer me back to him, must be the robots don’t have that command in their systems.


OUCH!.. Sorry @bobbotokes
The least that could be done is extending this 5 star Carl fodder to anyone still naieve enough to still bother with this 30 day pass stuff.
Edit: no offense
Edit edit: Fried and still alive ; P


Agreed and understood. Just clarifying you didn’t need to be actively subscribed.


None taken, after this whole debacle I don’t think I will be renewing. Doesn’t seem like support is even trying to make things right. :frowning:

Edit: lol, are you in fried?