30 day pass crate

Anyone have a SS of the “NEW” 30 day pass crate? Curious to know who’s in it


Thanks bud! :+1:

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Absolute dogshit.


It’s not that bad.

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Lilliths for all

If that’s the yellow romanov then I’m content, been wanting him for ages. Would go nicely on one of my attack teams

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I’d rather have waylon in there

He’s a ■■■■■■■ beast!

Also a rainbow lead is in there…

I assumed it was green maddy

I have 4 out of 7 of them, so I’m expected to be disappointed lol

Scopely has completely lost their minds. This is the prize for paying for Survivors Club? They make their game easier and easier to feel indifferent about. Just pick a decent toon and make it the prize. You guy’s have lost it.

uh not part of SC…

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Oh? My error then. And my apologies to Scopely, on this at least. This must be something I don’t bother to pay for…oh, I think I remember it. 70 coins a day or something, and a crate every 30th…The principal still applies. A ‘random’ prize crate. Nothing I would want.

He is a snowflake, touch him and he melts

only red hershal is there i wanted so bad in past but not anymore since he is useless now and cant waste money on a very little chances of getting him

Eeehhh… I’d have to disagree.
Always wanted one, and I finally got him a few months back. He hasn’t left my attack team since!!!
I also use guardian Rick which helps, but even without guardian shield he still makes it to round 2 if all pile up on him. And round 2, he taunts 3, healing a bit. By round 3, he’s already rushing, healing more and dealing massive damage!!!
I like him because I love having control over my attack team, and he does just that with his taunt blade and active. It’s either that, or auto, for me… :sweat_smile:


I have 2 so I’m going to try them again ty bud👍

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And what about the free 5* ascendible they give to the first purchase?