30-Day pass bug?

I came back after not playing since 2016~ and I noticed my 30-day pass is still active. When I went to go renew it, it says the price is 8.99 (on sale), but the crossed out price is 1.99.

Has the price gone up? Or is this a bug and I should wait until it’s 1.99?

I’m pretty sure that the 1.99 is discounted off of the original price

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That’s what I originally thought too, just wanted to make sure. :slight_smile:

Think it’s strange that the original price isn’t below it.

Mines usually 9.99. I think that’s the original price. Not sure.

The “first time only” price is $1.99. if you buy the monthly pass, and then let it lapse for more than a month, there’s a visual bug where the “first time only” price shows up as the original price, when you’re not actually eligible for that price.

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This is exactly right! Thanks lady!

Thanks @LadyGeek :wink:


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