30 Day Monthly Pass - I'm done. Scopely don't care about the "loyal"


Not that you will care or that it will ever change anything, but I’m done with the 30 Day pass.

I’ve stupidly been paying for this Pass since it was first introduced, every month without fail.

I’ve never received anything good from the crate that comes with it, and the coins you get really don’t make the difference in this game.

I’ve also realised today that there have been a number of £1.99 coin deals to get those who don’t spend, to put money into the game.

There’s literally no reward for loyal players (free or paid) in this game. I’ve got a 599 Day Login Streak and as I’ve said, I paid the 30 Day pass since it started. I’ve NEVER received a deal or any reward that shows a “thank you”. It’s pretty piss poor if you ask me.

Just thought I’d have a little rant.


The best thing in the crate is the aden.


Yea i usually get a 4 star character. I’d prefer aden or benedict. They should remove the 4 stars from the pass crate and not have it weighted at all(equal odds for all things in crate).


Lmao. Save 10 up and maybe you’ll get 1 aden in 10 tries.