30 day crate... really


I have to say these rewards are such a joke…my 30 day reward was a useless 4s…


I’ve bought it every month since it started. I’ve never had a 5* from it. It was always a benedict or Aden. But since Ascension I’ve had 3 4* toons. It’s so ridiculous you have to laugh :joy:


Should be updated. 5* only / ascendable ones. Benny, Aden, lillith & Ulysses.


I’ve bought the pass for three months in a row now, first bonus was that 4* Carl, this last bonus was an aden.
I have a faction mate that got a Benny from it last month.


I thought I read Shane post that they were changing the 30 day pass rewards, I guess that still hasn’t kicked in huh?


Only change was the Carl you get for 1st time buyers, 5* red Carl now, all the rest is the same.


30 day should pair with prestige - increase happens at different ranks. ANY other game gives currency liberally and regularly.


Or 1/9 a 5s…