30 day crate needs update

The 30 day crate needs a serious update made over 2 years a go 5* in there are very outdated the 4* are worthless in there only good thing in there is trainers

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It would be easier to list the things that do NOT need an update, as almost everything in TWDrts nowadays is outdated and forgotten.


At a snails pace updating the rest 5* in there are a joke blue gov, slow Jesus, dropper Rick and michonne zombie levels is good but that’s about it and 3 out 4 can be pulled from 5* tokens

Pretty much everything in the game needs updating, so many parts of the game are out of touch. Who is buying sandpaper for 900 coins in the shop?


I agree shop makes no sense with items in there I’ve been playing since Nov 2016 even back than made no sense

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