3 year tokens compensation


So (if) we get the tokens for compensation who here think they will nerf the wheel even more beforehand?

  • They will nerf the wheel
  • It’s nerfed for veterans enough so it wouldnt matter
  • They would never do that they care for their players!

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who said were getting compensation? i thought this was already over


Even if there was compensation, it would be filled with threads of people bitching about getting dupes and or Zeke/Connor :man_shrugging:


I voted for they would never do that, they care for the players. I thought It was a sarcastic option ?


We aren’t getting anything


Pointless poll. They are sticking to their story of it being a mistake. The (unfortunate) end.

They’ve lost some revenue over this, and a lot of the respect and dignity they had left


Exactly why they said (if)…


why say IF when we know there is no compensation? there is no point making a poll when none of the outcomes are possible :roll_eyes:


I mean the statement above is pretty self explanatory.


Sad isn’t it


This is just bad


And really sad .


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