3 year token offer Solution


If everyone was given at least 1 free 3 year token pull, id be happy im sure alot of you whales would’nt like it cause yall spent alot of money on a toon that someone got for free, well tough luck yall should know these toons would be put up in a wheel eventually for all players to get but i keep seeing all these fourms about players mad about the offer that gave 3 year tokens and players were mad cause they didnt get it, if everyone got 1 free pull it would be a step in the right direction we cant allways get what we want but maybe if we didnt throw hate at the developers we would get compensation or a response at least but yall blame @JB.Scopely like he did it, and it sucks that people did get this wonderful offer but mistakes happen we as humans arn’t perfect.


Contrary to recent outrage, but I feel this has gone much better than the Lucky tokens event. All of my main accounts have gotten atleast one pull so far, in comparison to only one of my accounts getting pulls from the Lucky tokens


Just give everyone a Zeke Connor and gov


Forreal? Like its not about shear principals to you ever. The offer was never a free offer you had to pay money. You damn sure don’t deserve anything free that came from offers you had to pay for. This isn’t like the dedicated players scandal when scopely gave six star gear for FREE to certain “dedicated players” didn’t mattter if you were in the range of f2p or whale.

Know your worth but also quit asking for a hand out. Demand your respect and make scopely responsible for it !


I hear what your saying but im not always “begging” for a handout im saying it could be a Solution to this problem that alot of people are upset about they did not mind giving everyone free survival tokens because of it, so there is no need to get offended by this post to the point that you have to insult me about it, please be mature.


Please quote where a insult occurred.


It insults me that you took the time to get mad over something i said ONLiNE its totally uncalled for, i posted this as a Suggestion (hinted why its in the Suggestion Section of the fourms) cause maybe Jb would read it or another developer that cares about the fanbase, but no i get people who get mad over every little thing.


Then cover your eyes and quit the forums if you have the emotions of a infant newborn. No where I insulted you I said and gave you something called " criticism ". If you can’t take any form of that on a PUBLIC forum then maybe you shouldn’t read them.


Congrats you successfully wasted you time getting triggered over a fourm,

Have a medal :medal_sports:

You clearly earned it


Ooo lets see what you gotta say

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Done replying to this you have a good night :crescent_moon:


Finally the kid realizes its past his bedtime


One pull is no;thing and not enough they got 12 pulls dude … lol 3 pulls minimum


And ya not free we are willing to pay the same as them


You act like adults don’t sleep :joy:


Don’t want anything free, just want the same opportunity for the .99¢ offer as others got!


I’d pay even 100 bucks or more for than fuckin offer


just make the offer available to everyone, problem solved. If people don’t buy it, its on them


Pretty sure you’ve missed the point completely.
A subset of players got an extraordinary paid offer(s). Others did not.
Its not an argument that a free pull for everyone balances things out - you get free pulls for effort anyway.
It’s an issue of extreme devaluing of rosters which have been paid for, compounded by an inadequate cover story from “forum admin” and a flippant dismissal from the CM.
Scopely claim it was an error of the wrong tokens being in the offer, but no one would have bought the second offer if the other tokens had been in it, and the third offer contained both types of tokens. The explanation simply doesn’t wash.
Now people are angry at being devalued and, in their opinion, lied to and dismissed.
A pull for f2p isn’t going to fix this.