3 year rewards.......closed tickets and amazon apk



Never received the 3 year rewards the 9 days I was unable to log on, they just closed the tickets and sent multiple emails asking how I felt about the service. @JB.Scopely 3 years of loyalty and money spent and that was my reward. There is no excuse for that.




My guy the uninstall button is right there


Tf does that have to do with anything? Do you just come on here pointing out the obvious? You could always scroll past df.


Thanks for bumping this also:)


He was implying you uninstall and walk away from it all


Being an original beta tester I’d rather they correct their screw up. Thats the reason I posted this under “bugs”. Why not make a stand and try every avenue for help before I install?


Or just uninstall then reinstall and the update would have downloaded…?


Nope, because it was a beta bug I would have had to wait until 14 went live, over a week’s wait. Instead I went thru Amazon when update when went live there. All I want is the 3 year tokens and my prestige points, apparently that request is not something they can do, even tho it is their fuk up.


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