3 year anniversary is really sad


The game has been around 3 years. Some players have been here from day one. Some more recent to join us should all join in the anniversary event. A special event to honor players and game makers once a year!

But instead the event appears to be one big massive sale that if you remove the words 3 year and anniversary from the event no one would notice. There is currently 4 offers in the sale section of the game plus loads more. All normal rewards in events have been replaced with these tokens.

It’s good to see scopee once again spends lots of time thinking things through and rallying players together. It is after all the end of the world and we all need to work together.


Just feels like the purple tolken event again…

There’s people playing this game longer than most of the staff pumping out the game content these days. I’d say the reason they don’t remember past anniversary events is cus non of them were working there. They can only go by what no and that’s copy paste, pay to get free stuff, disappoint is the default button.

Would it have been so hard to just say yes Every1 will get a 6star free and for a chance of more work hard or pay. Had road maps with tolkens events with them got people excited about turning the game on.


This make money no matter what must work at some level if this is all the game focuses on.


And to top it off they give us a bifurcated CRW returning us to the shortened war format that drew so many complaints and act like they are doing it as favor to players.


Last years anniversary wasn’t that great either.
The 1st one was probably the best. Even though the wheel they made had like 4 toons (Caroline, green Dwight, Blue Ty & Duane) I, as an F2P, did like 3 pulls from it. They even had raids giving tokens.
Nowadays it’s just sad all around.
They think because its their anniversary that people are gonna spend lol
Thats why we have a P2W wheel already & still NEW premiers coming. JB isn’t gonna change any of this


Jbs not a developer he is just the person who is the middle man, does the same thing you do when you send suggestions to support whether they take it into consideration or not, plenty of time to get atleast 1 pull f2p


Yeah, so he’s NOT gonna change any of this with ‘‘suggestions’’.
I’ve been around long enough to see it


Idk I wouldnt say this event is that bad, wheel with barely any ftp in it with premier toon like magna (and even the ftp ones are useable) and from the rate theyve been given out it looks at least one pull for the majority of active players. Its an improvement on the last 10 ish events for sure


Not saying its going to make a difference obviously support tosses our suggestions into the heap pile.


This years event is miles ahead of last years snooze fest event


If you log in every day in September you get 120 3-year tokens.


Damnit! More free six stars I actually have to hit milestones for. Just give me Erika and Magna for free.


people ask for way too much​:thinking::thinking:


Yes this anniversary event blows, I like how other games give prizes like crazy for there anniversary events ,cmon scopely this is the biggest event of the year please give us stuff we could really use like bring back some farmable gear maps, elite tokens in raids,a free 10 pull in premiere, weapon tokens… you name it we want it!! Now that’s a anniversary event


A Free ten pull can still be crap


But just saying free shit is what a anniversary event is all about…well for almost every other mobile game


I can’t legitimately tell if this is irony at this point with everything that has been said on here


Sad, isn’t it?


You forget earl was in that wheel too which makes it 5 toons at the first anniversary event.


Every single event being had has a pattern. They often make grande claims like 3 years but has nothing to do with anything. Much like the used car salesmen having the blow out sale.

Generally an anniversary is about loyalty to one and another not just another way to make a sale. Next year the woman will get a lawn mower for anni but she has to mow neighbors yards to pay it off. And buy gas. And continue living in the same house. It will be an anniversary extravaganza.