3 year anniversary event all broken?


I just found out the candles count is 0 and the cake count is incorrect after round 1 is certified.

  1. So, is count 2 candles and cakes count included those in round 1?
  2. I received 2 x 30 3 years tokens. Is it a compensation for the round 1?
    BTW, I did not receive any rewards other than that from round 1.

So, assume I should have round 1: 1000 candles but the leaderboard only showed 400.

Now I should have 2000 candles. What should now I have in round 2?
1000? 2000? 1600?

(But now it is 0.)



Cakes should have reset to 0 at the end of the 1st cake event. Candles should not have reset, they are a running total for the full extent of the event.

There were issues with cakes/candles earned in your old region not transferring with you to your new region, they should have. If you have screen dumps of that, you can contact Support about it with the proof to adjust the counts.

If you transferred regions right around the end of the 1st cake event, they likely sent your Anniversary tokens to your old region (but it sounds like you did get the 2x 30 – yes, the 2nd 30 was compensation for Scopely sending an extra 30 to a whole slew of other people for no reason).


Many thanks !


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