3 weeks ago today was the last time a previously released character gained Ascendance


And that character was relatively new, Blue Siddiq. Last one before that was Blue Shane 2 weeks prior. Is this the cadence we can expect? What happened to the 6-8 per month that @Dash mentioned in the Ascendance Q&A?


It was a Prank.


How can $copely make money off old characters?!? Shiny new premieres are the only way!!!


$copely is trying to get back to these old days!

The days when the user base was naive enough to throw money at the game.

Can’t do that by recycling old stuff… BUT, they CAN get there by pissing off their old user base and bringing in new blood after we all get tired enough of this crap to quit…



I know they don’t understand this, but some people ARE willing to spend, just not on premier pulls. They’ll spend for cans and coins for war, they’ll spend for raid can refills if the tournament prizes are good enough, they’ll spend on the monthly pass which is a consistent stream of revenue.

But these people WON’T spend if they’re left behind because they can’t progress. When the big spenders have steroid monster freak characters and you are stuck with a Mirabelle and 3 Tyreeses there’s no point in spending or staying.


I completely agree. I used to do pulls once in a while. Not a “Whale”, but I have spent thousands.

And I am certainly not “dedicated”, since I only have a 474 day login streak…

That being said, I have a roster of over 100 5* toons that are completely useless at this time. Something needs to change here $copely, and it needs to change quick. I’m going to try the Boss battle thing, but if that is as big a mess as the 6* reset button has been, I’m out.



Scopely saying something and doing something else?

I’m shocked!


Typical $copely