3 Waylands on one team?

How am I ■■■■■■■ supposed to win against 3 Waylands? There should be some ■■■■■■■ rules and limits!!


Wayland isn’t even hard to beat if you have lacerators such as shiva, Davie or rick. It might take a while but a 3 wayland team is far from unbeatable


Have u fought a 3 Wayland team? And that looks like Mia as the other. I’ve fought 2 Wayland 2 Mia teams and they aren’t fun at all


Yes my faction leader has 3. Takes me about 13 turns to beat it.

Defense down and decap? I don’t see what’s the issue.


Then by the time you’ve taken 13 rounds to beat them in war you’re camp is already dead


13? Camp on fire by then

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It will be unless u have 3 Waylands of your own

Show me a video beating 3 Waylands with def down?

I have beat 2 many times, but 3 is way too much

Like I said in my first comment, it will take a while. The offense I’m currently using hits multiple toons with their rush so it takes a while not using it.

Here’s another one.

Atleast there’s no shield… By the time u beat HS they already rushed

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multiple toon super teams are a drag no matter the op toon used


i fought several multiple Wayland teams this weekend. Not that hard if you disarm him🤷🏻‍♂️. Overrated toon imo


harrison, raven, the gov, mercer, zander teams are the hardest for me to beat so far…havent seen many 3 wayland teams yet…but just control and patience and luck is all you need…hehehe

When the opportunity arises again, I’ll remember to capture it.

If you use any sort of attack buffer, defense debuffer, and disarm, Payback characters (Negan, Wayland) are easy to deal with. You should be more concerned with other characters with control/damage ARs that will prevent you from piling on them with auto attacks.

Screenshot_20190721-004334_Walking%20Dead my bad


Its not wayland per se, it’s more of what they surround him with that makes him difficult. Negan teams are pretty easy because we have a multitude of blue hitters that can get dbl atk weapons, not so much with red… Red hitters are scarce. When you cant use ars on toons it much more difficult, not to mention his damn weapon has all that burn

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All that proves is you were dumb enough to waste money on a toon that will be outdated 2 promos from now lol I wouldn’t be showing it off.