3 Walker Token Pulls Video

Another Dolla Dolla Deal is back and I am going to take my chances. We will be joined with our skewer weapon to deal with all the really really unlucky pulls. Let’s take a look.


I’ve enjoyed this wheel done 50 pulls so far and got red Sandy and yellow kal


I have been chasing red Sandy for a bit now. Grats on her.

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LOL i dont want to spend my coins again for those garbage crates, dumb odds too and i’m done keep getting 4 star from walker token pulls

One luck no 4* Allen came out of there. Otherwise we’d needed to talk :smiling_imp:

Guy in our faction got the Bleed Negan.Not sure if he’s that great.

I thought I saw on another thread that you were f2p?


Did the $1 offer since I had some money left over from another game, 3 4 Stars. I have better chances on the premier wheel where it has less odds than I do on the wheel with more odds.

He is f2p, that comment up top is fake news


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I got this in a ten pull


Walker token pulls

Pulled only fours again.
You can kiss my wallet Scopely.

I’ve only ever pulled one non 4* from these sorts of tokens over like 30 tokens so Scopely can kiss my money goodbye as I won’t be spending anymore for trash toons.

Got two ascendables in this wheel, beta and violet. First time pulling anything worthwhile. Overall it was like 30 pulls using offers so that was expected.