3 VS 3 Raid Battles!


I’ve been getting some epics that were very sought after at the time which I’m totally not close to part with. I’m slowly leveling them up however I don’t have much use for them. I don’t play survival road much but I thought of this idea.

It’s plain and simple. A new raid system that lets you create 3 different teams that’s capped at S3 to ensure you have to strategize to create the best team using epics as well as legendary (or even ultra rare for smaller players). So here’s how it works uou create the teams, click on 3vs3 raid place them in the order you want to use them. And this order will be your defense order as well, meaning they will be attacked in the order you placed them.
° You don’t know which team you’ll face which is kinda exciting
° Strategic placing of your team order can help your team to be competitive
° Best 2/3 is the winner.
° Once you faced one team you don’t have to face it again but the second Def team.

° People might not have enough disposable toons to keep 15 on defense that’s why I purpose it be a raid event lasting 24/48 hours.

Raiding has become quite boring and you see the same old teams on defense. It’s literally Mirabelle, Tyreese yumiko or Carl, shiva stun red shield. 3vs3 should make it a lot more fun and truly put strategy back in raiding