3* toons are not Premier or Elite


I suggest that 3* toons be removed from premier and elite recruits. Let’s be honest there’s nothing premier or elite about a 3* toon. Now that we have Legendary toons they’re even more useless. Not to mention it’s like a smack in the face to the players because the wheels don’t show 3* toons but when you do a pull 9 times out of 10 it’s a 3*. I recommend that Elite and Premier recruits only give 4,5 or 6* toons.


The 3*s do show in the wheel.

Also, if they took out 3s, they’d just bump up the prices or adjust the odds so that you’re essentially getting the same rate of return regardless of whether 3s are there or not.

They did this in the past with a very, very, very limited premier promotion before.


That’s not a bad Idea, but if they remove 3* from the wheels there
need to be Special Roadmaps or somethink to get 3*. For the
Collections and Ascendance they are important.


I think there is a thread somewhere in here that someone was complaining about. I agree 3 stars shouldnt be in the premier Wheel. not when your spending 2200 coins every 10 pull.


There needs to be a baseline for power, otherwise you just get more power creep. I think they’re perfectly fine in elite tokens and premier pulls. That said, premier pulls ought to have better odds for good stuff, and definitely needs to have that “5 star guarantee” bug fixed.

There was a time a few months ago where scopely made a lot of the competition awards prestsige tokens, which I thought was a great idea and something I’d really love to see again.


I remember that promotion I actually got Shane lol. I think 3s should be in basic recruits. Veteran players only use 3s for ascending or to level up other toons. I understand your point. When I think of Elite or Premier I think of a toon that I actually can use not one that I’m instantly planning to get rid of .


Scopely doesn’t care about the power creep lol. You got 5* toons such as Priya that are better than a lot of Legendaries then you have Legendaries who are better as 5*s. The character’s balance in this game is way off.


Well, just like a slot machine, you have to have losing odds in the wheel or else everyone will be winning all the time. I say keep them in the wheel.


3 Stars can be removed from the premier and elite wheels and just be available in the basic token wheel. At least this way we get 4 stars every time we spend coin. Remove 1 stars from the basic wheel but leave the two stars for leveling. The one stars can still be had from farming the road and world maps.

Someone mentioned they are needed for ascendance. Why waste time with using 3 stars to make 4 stars if every pull was a 4 star to begin with. If you really want a 3 star you can make them in the training grounds or my idea for the basic token revamp.


I mentioned it. The 4* Ascendance is still very important for
newer players and for the exclusive chars. There are some good
exclusive chars in Ascendance (Benji, Red Mark), even if they
need to be way more.

But Yeah, the chance for 3 stars at Basic Tokens needs to be raised,
as an example at every 5th Opening a guraneed 3* Weapon or character.


I don’t think there should be any 3* or 4* to be honest I mean the fact that the new 6* toons aren’t being added to the premier wheel is wrong enough I’ve never once seen anyone post that they got a different 6* other than the premier u may get the 5* version but never the 6* and really the 3* and 4* are completely worthless and for those that say they would only make it more expensive is just retarded that way of thinking makes scopely greedy and they are greedy enough on there own don’t need to give them more ideas to bleed us for more money they do that enough on there own


Three stars should not be on the paid wheels. They are useless to almost everyone. Scopely has to come up with a plan for new players. I have been playing for almost a year. If I started today I would probably quit. Maybe start every new player with a full team of 5 stars. Let them select melee or ranged. No one is doing anything with a squad of 3 or 4 stars let alone 5 stars. But for the occasional time I do a pull I do not want to ever get a 3 star. The main reason I will not spend on a 10 or 40 is for this reason alone. At least if I pulled 40 4 stars I know I could at least turn them into 5 stars. What is anyone gonna do with 40 3 stars? Not worth the time or effort to level them to make a few 4 stars.


Plenty of Scav missions that rewards 3* character bags. If that’s not enough, all but one of the last 10 Elite Training characters have been 3* (mostly Gabe). I know new players would like a good 3* to use at the start like MBU Rick and Katjaa. But come on. The only good people I’ve gotten from wasting Elite tokens and saved up coins is SFH Mark, Olivia, and LAD Dwight. I don’t care if I have to save up 300 or 400 coins. Just get those lameass 3* out.


That would be to OP. But I agree with some of that. They should atleast change the starter characters (3* Carl, 3* Rick and 3* Dr.Stevens) to 4* to make it easier for them.


Sorry to hear that. I got 5* Lester, 5* Lee "No Time Left and 5* Shiva from it.


A special starter 5 star team for new players is far from op. Anyone with a couple of 6 stars will crush them. Were past the point of ever using 3 or 4 stars in a war or a raid even for the new guys and gals. Plus if we have been playing for a year or two and have a full squad of 6 stars now how could anyone be jealous if a new player got a tiny leg up. The game is unplayable for anyone starting now. They have no medals. They missed out on getting any ascendable toons when the wheels were good because we all know the current 5 star wheel is terrible.


I know but it is possible. I just started a new game in a Second region and it is Ok. And now everyone gets a 5* Maggie for free. If they keep it up that way, it should be fine.


The free Maggie is fantastic and I don’t even run melee but what if you start the game in March. No Maggie. I would love to assume there will be a free ascendable every month but the chances of that are very slim.

Good luck in the 2nd region. I don’t think I could ever start over. Way to much grind.


Yeah, Thanks. My best character there is so far 4* Rod :grin:. Let’s hope for the best


Nice team @Dr.Mekar and i think zachary is your best character :slight_smile: it’s good you started a new region that way you can speak from veteran and starting players’ perspectives.