3 Star Jeremiah?

Scopely, since you seem to make offers if people on the forum ask for them…
Could you sell us 3 star Jeremiah for 99 cents?
He’s a very, very rare character. But would make a very cool pfp, since he has a custom pose and all. I really wanna get him because he’s so rare. So please offer him again soon.


There are some unreleased *5 that @Dr.Mekar knows all about,those should be given away as well.

Oh, Yeah. But unfortunaly I wouldn’t put your hopes up @Aeris

The last time I mentioned a unreleased Character, which was the 5* Green Tyresse, he appeared as an Roadmap Enemy one day later, so basically as a Middlefinger to my post.


lol, Scopely will probably just release them with a 6 star version in a premier wheel with new stats when their artists are too lazy to draw a 5 star version

Nah they do s class so they can charge thousands and thousands and all these poor gambling addicts will believe it is worth thousands cause its s class, s = spend all your money on pixels

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why would u spend 99.s on a trash 3 or even a 5 star . take a picture of all those rare toons and save them in ur mobile so u can see them whenever u want and hayy… it is free too​:rage::rage:


Okay sir, you are making too much sense for these forums


Does anyone happen to have a picture of this Jeremiah? I can’t seem to find anything on him.

I’ll see if I can find him.

Cheers man, appreciate it :blush:

It’s the one you’re facing pretty early in the story mode, isn’t it? There also is a 3* Barker iirc.

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There he is, you own him?

No, I don’t. But rembered where I have seen stats pic. And that Jeremiah can b obtained only via promo. Probably some that was 2 years ago…

There is also 3* red governor

And 1💫. Two of them.

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