3 star flags from choice boxes

Just wondering if they are needed to level Michonne? If anyone has her already can you check.
Being that both the green and black need to be 5 star and are NOT what is given they are for something else right?
It’s going on day two so if it was supposed to be the 5 :star2: flags given they would have fixed it be now right?
I currently have 15 choice boxes all showing the 3 star, did open 1 got 3 star flag, plan on waiting till the end to open the rest, but would like to get a idea of what they are intended for.

Can someone give me a tip so I can hit my 30 pulls. Am I suppose to use all my balloons from the roadmap to open the blessing or save 10?

I’m wondering if they ever said how long the 8hr rm is going to run. Are they going to stop it after a couple days?? I think all they posted was the start time, so they, being scopely and all could pull it at any time. Then all the players who didn’t save the free 10 by doing the conversion to tokens for pulls will be short.
The sad part is I bet this is the plan.

The Consensus so far is to hold back 10 balloons.


Ok good.