3 pressing issues that require an official response

  1. World cans vanished from 3rd place in war. Is this another mistake that will be fixed?

  2. Legendary gear map was promised ages ago. Please update or just have appear lol

  3. Ultra gear map change is hated, yet kalishane did say the old map would appear from time to time. 1 month or so later hasn’t appeared. Need update


Nor will any of these questions be answered…

@kalishane will ignore them…


all of these changes are intentional and it’s very clear.

They removed world cans for 3rd place in “6v6” wars.
As a punishment I guess.

This is all in hopes of forcing players to spend for previously free items.
Or basically just restructuring the game to be more Pay to play.


I too would like answers to the above questions.

In regards to the world cans no longer being available as 3rd place war prize - this is terrible. But if this change is permanent, I would hope Scopley would have the nerve to actually update the community instead of repeatedly ignoring these posts and not answering. It’s been almost a week at this point.


they’ve been doing this all along.

Nerfing stuff and not talking about it.

It’s the norm.

They are now at the stage where they just don’t give a flying shit.

these changes only decrease the fun and icnrease the quitting.
Great Game.


I agree with most of your post OP, but nowhere did Kali or anyone else from scope say that the old gear maps would be a thing, it was speculation from other players here on the forums and has apparently snowballed into people thinking that it came from scope, it didn’t. That said the throttling of gear is one of the myriad reasons I quit and have been so much happier for it.

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so very true. gave me a good laugh. you sir :metal:

Kalishane did say that about old gear maps. The thread it was said in was deleted but another user on here had a screenshot of it.


They are deleting threads, lots of them.


They are resorting to such means just to make players look like liars.

People who point out how certain things are not said, should maybe stop being naive and think about how so much shit have been swept under the rug.

$copely really think players are dumb not to screenshot what they say? Lol.


Screenshot everything lol, never know when itll come in handy!


So not a lie nor a promise from Shane but the nameless person who told her. She went back “to the team” and they told her not a chance and do not engage this subject with the players anymore.

It’s big business at work. They have a plan in place to try to force the casual players into spending money on energy cans. Not hard to see. The only question is will we?


This is true. They do like to delete entire posts when they want things to disappear.

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Thanks … yep she said we will still have the old gear map from “time to time” guess that means a few times a year or something lol

@Shawn.Scopely your active right now, do you have any views/comments? Any response would be greatly appreciated.

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She must of been talking about last weeks debacle when they took the gloves and shirts gear map. things change for the worst sometimes.

No it’s not lol

This, obviously.

Ah didn’t see it cuz it got deleted then lol. I stand corrected haha

Yea a lot of people missed it, it was when the new gear map came out. The few of us that did see it were starting to think we were crazy when it vanished lol. Thankfully someone had taken a screen shot to show their faction. I think scopely likes messing with our minds by dojng stuff like that lol.

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