3* parts map (Spray Paints, Super Glue)

Can we get a 3* weapon parts map on the weeks we don’t have the 4* parts map. I can not get a spray paint for nothing. I actually saved up around 30 3* weapons, took the territory with the breakdown boost and none.


I’d rather them just run the 4 star parts map every week and add another section to it for 3 star parts. Make them all unlocked at the start though so we don’t have to do the 3 star parts portion if we don’t need to.


i agree its time. tired of using up all these crude bronzes to craft 3* melee parts


This works for me also.

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Rarely ever get spray paint from weapons lol. I’m around those numbers but think I have like 3 spray paints :joy:
Would deffo be welcomed :+1:t2:

Same for me but with metal cutters, I’m ranged. I managed to get 5 stun guns and 3 impairs so I’m taking an extended break from crafting so I can resupply on mats.

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