3 part gear map and drop rates discussion

Does anyone happen to know the USA central time zone start for the 3 part gear map that’s popping today 12/12 ?

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Why we don’t have legendary map? That’s all I want.


Yep still haven’t received an official update to legendary map or the old toons being ascended. Such a shame

yea about time they fucking made 3 part weekly now.

they just need to remove act 1 with useless gear and add epic gear act instead.

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Sorry but vk hasnt posted a time

Old tunes won’t be ascended but keep bringing it up

I would guess about 8pm est just because in the vk screenshot it shows the timer on the Xp roadmap.

If I were to guess based on the assumption that the gear map is open for 24 hours, this 3 part gear map would be released at 1pm est.

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Good call!

gonna pass on this and save my cans, especially since a nugget map should be out soon

Don’t really get what your saying, normal maps drop that “rare” gear as well. IF you’re doing rare gear for drops then get lost mate lmao.

Another Scopely fix to something that wasn’t broken.

Watch this become the new gear map, no more 3* or 4* drops, but the extra items will be available in the shop haha.

apparently you can get a mystery bag as a drop which has the possibility of getting the top gear.

I’m not digging the fact that I have to get through the rare gear map before elite & the elite gear map before ultra rare. Waste of energy imo. I never need rare gear. Would be better if we could just hit w/e map we wanted.

Doubt it, but a screenshot would change my mind

Well yes, because that’s not the top gear

Yep, but it’s not as exciting as getting a canteen or a gps, a 1:8 chance at best of getting a walkie. Hopefully someone pulls a better bag, then I might consider farming it.

Yeah gotta say I’m not thrilled one bit. Increased energy especially for first act the normally cost 12 energy in the road map right next to it. And now instead of getting at least the random bits of.gear each time it’s a mystery bag then a 1 in 8 chance. @kalishane what’s going on here?


I hated being able to farm gear consistently; it was so boring. I much prefer the increased energy cost with decreased chance of any gear dropping. MAGA!