3 on 3 Faction Duel Tournament!

Tired of all of those fancy and expensive 5*s sitting on the bench, doing nothing?

Do you enjoy internal faction competitions??

Well, I’ve got the game for you!
Create your best 3-toon Defense (No Legendary Toons allowed) and challenge your factionmates to beat it using a 3-Toon Attack team! I promise you, it’s tons of fun! Lol

Once you get the hang of making 3-toon Defenses, you can hold a Duel Tournament, Bracket-style, with your friends. Simply use Overall Rep to determine “Seeding”, with each individual matchup being a best-out-of-three (or best out of five).

General Rules:

  1. As stated above, no Legendary toons permitted. This is done for a number of reasons, but the primary one is that 6* toons typically have slower ARs and less diverse and interesting lead skills, which are what makes 3 on 3 Duels fun in the first place.

  2. For each matchup, one player does 3 attacks, with the defender sending an official “Challenge” via in-game mechanism for each separate attack. Reason for this is simple, it’s to give the defender an opportunity to change a defense that didn’t hold up well. If it DID, hold up well, then feel free to reuse it :wink:
    Now, once Player 1 has done their 3 attacks, they become the defender … and must send out 3 separate in-game challenges. Whomever ends up with the most head-to-head victories advances to the next round!

  3. If there is a Tie. For example, Players 1 and 2 both win 2/3 attacks, then the official tournament tie-breaker will be “Lowest Total Damage” while defending! Because of this, it’s imperative that you tally up the Total Damage as you progress. So in the event of a tie, the lowest total advances to the next round.

And that’s it! I hope everyone enjoys! If there is someone with slightly more time to waste than myself, we could really use a ready-made bracket spreadsheet … so feel free to post a link in the comments below. Otherwise, have fun dusting off those wonderful 5*s and good luck with your 3-toon combos!! It takes a bit of time to get back into that “mode” but once you start dueling it actually becomes quite contagious lol.

Oh, and it helps if you can come up with a cool reward for the tournament winner :wink:


Haha, this seems like a fun idea.

We did a casual challenge of who can beat one of our F2P faction members, using only 5*.

Hmmm, I’m trying to think of a way to fix that. Reason being, that lowest damage won’t work if both players go 0-3 against each other :confused:

Best solution may be lowest total damage “received”. I’ll edit the original post