3 Level Ups in a Row, is this real life?

I have a suggestion, keep faction road as originally planned and then run faction level/faction raid dually over the weekend. We haven’t had faction road for quite some time now. Nobody wants 3 level ups in a row.



Stole this from another forum member but your title was begging for it.

And to answer your question. Hell no! One crappy level up per week is all anyone should have to deal with. This is getting disgusting. Slow your roll there Scopes. Just do what I do. Avoid them since the rewards are rarely worth it. When you really need the loot then go for it.



Technically speaking, this is happening and it is planned so…

Yeah. Pretty much real life.

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that was the plan until some dweeb made a thread this morning asking them to remove faction road :weary::rage::weary::rage:


We need 5x more faction road and raids and 100x fewer level ups!

P.S. Faction level up’s are the worst. The prizes are nowhere near as good as the solo ones so where is the incentive to help the faction? I made them optional for my faction unless we all agree it’s a reward we want to go for and I remember the last time was for Norma. That predates the 6 stars. Thats how crappy the rewards have been.


Just doing enough to get the badges in these level ups… Since I think, just maybe, there may be more level ups in our future. Really going out on a ledge here.

I may pimp up the Gov if I get inspired.

Your not a fan then? :grin:


I agree we have 2 lvl ups per week and this is frustrating. But i see some ppl constantly scoring 1M+ points every time. So for some players is good. You have the option to NOT participate with big scores…just the first 2-3 milestones.
Eitherway i think they will release gear road maps in a few months.
Think smart and stock your food/trainers in case they give some really good prizes for 1st-3rd place.


Beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I actually don’t mind the level ups. More chances for people outside the top 100 to save for a run at 1st place. I personally haven’t tried in forever, but this almost makes me want to.

Also, more events means more milestones means more badges means more power tokens means RICK. The badge milestones are easy to get with the daily gear map (sell the gear for food), and the 5* tokens that everyone is swimming in.

I could see how it’d get monotonous that many times in a row, though.

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Very true so long as they keep it to 200k in the level up milestones I’m fine with them. I am going to power level The Governor asap so it does help. Been trying since Sun for a 100k. That garbage is mia as usual. It’s such a pain in the ass to have to do every level up manually. I think that’s why they anger me so much. If I always had the 100k like most people seem to I wouldn’t be so upset. I took 3rd place recently because I needed the double holster. Won’t be doing that anytime soon again.

The actual worst is going for 4200 during a raid. That is so boring and takes way to much free time. It really needs to go back to 2k or whatever it was before the crappy increase.

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