3 Level-Up Tournaments within a 7 day span?


I don’t understand how this happens. This Friday morning (EST), we will have completed our 3rd Level Up tournament of the past week … a span of exactly 7 days. Why is there such urgency to bombard us with Level Tournaments??

It’s because of stuff like this, that conspiracies are constantly brought up and debated, especially at a point in the game when we are all complaining about a lack of gear, fodder, and other vital resources.

Now, I know there are two sides of this argument … and players CAN choose to ignore or partake in tournaments, but this causes in-fighting for Faction Level ups. And perhaps, more importantly, there are a number of other events and tournaments the company could choose to have us compete in instead.

Overall, I believe we need more diversity … BADLY. I know that players weren’t happy in the past, when they complained about a lack of events … But this is the extreme opposite now lol. Bottom line is we should never have 3 level up tournaments within a 7 day period, Ever. It absolutely gives off the impression that you’re trying to bleed us dry of resources so players are suckered into buying overpriced offers.

Or maybe I have it all wrong? I’m an OG (First Week of game) player that has always excelled in being a superior farmer than most, but the “Grind” is really starting to be impossible to deal with. Hasn’t helped at all, that Word refills are tougher to find, new Gearmaps are no longer farmable, and we have such limited access to other resources such as legendary medals, Ascendance fodder, and trainers.

I’m very curious to hear how everyone else feels though. Do you guys (and girls) like the constant tournaments? Particularly, level up tournaments? If not, what changes would you prefer to see?

Thanks for reading!


Scopely be like


What else do you want them to run? SR is broken, so its LU and Raids there is nothing else. War this weekend, we had blitzs last week. They desperately need 2 or 3 more events.


Ok but that’s part of my argument and IMO, the main problem. We need more diversity and newer, more interesting events.

How about a Faction Assault tournament?

Or a Territory Tournament?

There ARE options, but they appear to be content with the status quo … which is sad to see from loyal customers such as myself :confused:


SR being fixed needs to be one of the #1 priorities right about now…


Yes, it needs to be fixed. This is my go-to event for decent rewards. Without ygl I boycott every level up. Sick of them to be honest. Leveling up toons is not an event. I would rather have back to back raids. At least there is some gameplay to them. Throw in as many blitz wars as you want. Have the most fun with them. At least it requires the team to talk and work together. A free FA would be cool as well.


Totally agree with what you said about level ups … they are extremely boring, and shouldn’t really be classified as a tournament lol.


Correct me if I’m wrong but that one event where the whole region was tasked with achieving a number of feats in order to receive that free Lori and her weapon was a Territory event, right? I think it was called that but my memory can be clouded at times. But if you mean anything involving that lameass dogfight over locations where the top factions will easily topple the weaker ones, that idea can ■■■■■■■■ and die in a ditch.


Oh hell no, the original territory tournament was weaksauce. If they didn’t lack imagination, they could come up with some awesome changes


Yea but none of those are actually entertaining, i am not so sure the game can really provide any more depth. Territory tournament didn’t do well and wasn’t overall liked. Most hate territories and feel its a chore.

FA needs complete revamp, way to infrequent to keep anyone busy.

I just think the game is tapped tbh, not much left for them to do. Gameplay is not deep enough to support anything beyond what we have.

The other events or collections all just circled back to farming, which most do any ways doesn’t really liven daily life except to redirect farming focus.


looks like its on for this week now thur-fri


Thanks for the heads up!


Calendar shows a solo level up from Wednesday - Friday.
Which means that since last Friday, all the way to this Friday, there will be at least a portion of a level-up on every single day lol.

Friday-Sunday: Solo Level-Up
Monday-Tuesday: Faction Level-Up
Wednesday-Friday: Solo Level-Up

Overkill city :rofl::see_no_evil:


Some regions were stuck with a level up instead of the blitz wars. The level up had no nuggets…


And the same 2mil milestone for a 24hr event, surely when it’s a shorter event it should be a smaller milestone?


I’d rather lvl up tournaments then nothing, you get gear at every milestone and I have to upgrade my characters anyways so why not get rewarded for doing so


There was a time that we had no events for 2-3 days and ppl would farm and level Thier toons during these days, scopely saw and decided to reward everyone by using these level ups as space holders and still ppl complain. It’s complains like this why scopely ignore the complains that make sense, ppl are too entitled and it is frankly disgusting to read. Y


First of all, I was pretty clear in my post that I was looking to see how others felt about this. You know, the exchanging of opinions and ideas?? Kinda the whole point of a community forum LMAO

Secondly, YOU may have leveled outside of tournaments, but the majority of us didn’t. We used non-event days to farm and “Prep” for when the tournament went live.


And I also never complained about having tournaments lol. I simply stated that there’s no reason whatsoever to have level tournaments 7 freaking days in a row … when they could be doing other things.

Ideally, there should be a purpose and a flow to tournaments. For instance, Raid tourneys are great for accumulating tons of food … SR tourneys are usually good for accumulating gear and food as well … they are BOTH good for trainers, as they are often milestone rewards. Having a cycle like that is extremely helpful, and makes so much freaking sense lol.

But that’s not what we have. We have a Level tournament… followed by a level tournament… followed by guess what? Another level tournament haha


I remember scopely saying they wanted to run more level up’s to allow people to not worry about levelling up their toons at anypoint.

I dont mind the level ups that keep happening.
You can either do small milestones over the course of a few events or save it all up and go big on one event.

Would I like more variation? Sure. But it’s not like level up’s are the most time consuming tourn. You level up. You get points.