3* farad 15 chars



This is cool!


Not really


Unfortunately I have to agree with trouble this 3* is very boring hopefully I can get either Andrew or the new arles since there comic toons and I have a earl I can use as a hostage for weapon crits rofl


What does 4 Star Andrew look like? I want him.


I’m referring to the diversity of toons in the game.

But yea, no, not cool to be used on raid etc. Lol.


A friend just got him. It’s in German though.


Don’t know but for how he looks on comics he’s going to have a amazing profile picture also he’s a drug dealer so if I want to take on the donnie empire gonna get Andrew on my side to start the andrew empire donnie beware


Basically 6* Morgan as a 4* I guess


I am excited about them adding the new toons 3* 4* and the 5* im just being a dick lol. It is a breathe of fresh air. Tired of the same harlan, dougs, and lillys! Lol


Funny that you mention it. I just checked and you’re right. The numbers differ a little but it’s the same Rush. Andrew is faster but only single target whereas Morgan hits a line.


She isen’t looking that cool, but some Others from the new, Look really nice

I would also like to know more about Red 3* Earl.



Red arles located


Ask them what the rush and leader skill are.


Lead skill all reds get a minor bonus to ap when atking and taking damage

Rush deals 250% dmg to one enemy and all enimie adjacent


That’s pretty great for a 3 star. Alert definitely needed some more ap boosters.


Can you show the complete character? He looks very intresting


I wish I could but I don’t have him :frowning:I tried to gethe guy to showe his card on line but he didn’t


Oh, I thought that were you… :grimacing: