3 day ban ? Please someone explain how I can get answers


What I don’t get, is why on this one issue, everyone is so quick to assume the player is wrong. Scopely screws up on literally everything else, why does everyone assume they get it right, every time, when it comes to b@ns? Did I miss something somewhere?

Whenever someone posts on this forum looking for answers to why they were b@nned, it’s rare that I’ve seen anyone show them much support or willingness to give the benefit of the doubt. Even people who are usually against scopely, seem to be pro scopely when it comes to this. The automatic assumption is the player is wrong, scopely is right.

And tbh, I’m really surprised that it seems only the people who did get punished are the ones who think they are owed an explanation. Personally, I think every b@n handed out should automatically come with an explanation, and a way to appeal. (Esp if the infraction took place weeks ago). Imagine if any one of you were b@nned without being given any reason for it. Even if you know you’ve done several things wrong, wouldn’t you still want to know which got you in trouble?

Anyone who spends their time or money in this game deserves that answer, at a minimum. It’s just the right thing to do. In my opinion at least.


I agree that an explanation should come with it , for one thing maybe someone doesn’t even realize something they are saying is wrong, how will they learn exactly what it is that caused the issue and therefore learn from it .

I mean I know some people straight up troll and stir the pot, but others that get suspension genuinely seem to baffled.

I just think it would go a long way towards opening up trust with the company and not always feeling left in the dark.



100% accurate!!!

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Swishy certainly didn’t do anything to get banned. There’s a few in the region who don’t like her, trying to get her banned. Malicious reporting needs addressing urgently. @JB.Scopely @kalishane


Cus you’ve been naughty today

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I know after my last b@n I have totally watched what I’ve said… Thank you damned… Guess someone is maybe out to get me. If I do come back to the game I will not be talking on anything and that’s pretty sad

Thank you holiday

Thank you damned. Means a lot

That’s what you get leader of evil within lmao

Not leader of evil no more :wink:

transfer regions. urs sounds bad

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